Drupal Clinic: Call for volunteers and sponsors

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As you may already know, the Seattle Drupal Users Group is hosting a Drupal Clinic (hands-on workshop for beginners to learn about Drupal) on Friday, October 2nd. We can use your help to make this event a success.

1) We need some volunteers to help out from 3pm to 5pm -- our plan is to use that time for one-on-one or small group work. If you have some experience with Drupal and would like to help new Drupal users with their existing sites or their "sandbox" sites from the clinic, we would love to have you. Please sign up at http://seattledrupalclinic.eventbrite.com/ as an "afternoon volunteer".

2) We are offering the workshop for free. The space was donated and some other expenses have already been covered, but we would like to offer coffee and juice in the morning, as well as lunch, to the attendees and all-day volunteers. In return for your generous support at any level, we will provide you with our heartfelt thanks and a little publicity:
* Mention of all sponsors by name during the workshop
* Organization name and/or logo on a poster displayed in the workshop room
* Space on a table for distribution of fliers, postcards, or other small marketing materials (or job announcements, event announcements, etc.) from your organization, if provided in advance (please limit to up to two 8.5 x 11 inch pieces of paper, or equivalent area).

If you are interested in sponsoring the Drupal Clinic, please contact Jennifer Hodgdon using the contact link above, or via her web site (http://poplarware.com).


New website for the Seattle Drupal Clinic

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For more information about the Seattle Drupal Clinic visit here:

Agenda: http://poplarclass.com/agenda
Step-by-step: http://poplarclass.com/stepbystep
Notes and Resources: http://poplarclass.com/resources

Completed demo site: http://demo.poplarclass.com/
Calendar: http://demo.poplarclass.com/calendar/2009-10