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Hi all!

Could someone please explain the purpose and intended usage of field_julio_email? It is a little confusing and unvlear to me because:
a) there is already a mail filed in the standard user profile so if we need to keep the user's email there is already a field for that. And it is standard;
b) both fields appear on the new user registration form and the user kinda goes "well didn't I already supply an email above??"

If it is some sort of "alternative" email then perhaps the label on the reg. form shoudl say so?


Hi ench0, The second e-mail

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Hi ench0,

The second e-mail field is publicly displayed, so this allows users to enter a "public" e-mail address, or not enter one at all, if they do not want their required drupal e-mail exposed to site visitors.

However, you're absolutely correct that this is not clear in the documentation. If there is not already a ticket open for this, please feel free to open one (or submit a patch!)


Its already covered in the

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Its already covered in the following two issues;

Gotcha, thanks guys!

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Gotcha, thanks guys!


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