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Julio creates a public facing web site for schools, school districts, and university departments.

This is the main location for community discussions and help for organizations using Julio.

This is also the spot for people looking to develop additional features for Julio.

Documentation is available on drupal.org.

Only local images are allowed.

Ask questions/post ideas here. For any bug reports, please use the issue queue.

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Adding links to shortcut bar


How do I add links to the shortcut bar? The one underneath the toolbar - I've pointed it out in pic attached. I'm struggling to find how to do it with the modified Julio toolbar.


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All day option in event creation

I'm wanting to add all-day events for my site.

In standard event creation I can only find an option to create events with a start date-time alone, or events with a start and end date-time.

Is there anyway to create all-day events?

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deleted Alumni menu

The Alumni menu was deleted. Something I am now regretting.

The following errors are now displayed...

Notice: Undefined property: stdClass::$cache in _block_get_cache_id() (line 913 of /home/shgadmin/test.shg.org/modules/block/block.module).

Notice: Undefined index: menu-julio-alumni in menu_block_view() (line 486 of /home/shgadmin/test.shg.org/modules/menu/menu.module).

Simply adding back a new menu titled Alumni is not fixing the issue. I think that it looking for the machine name menu-julio-alumni.

New to Drupal and Julio and looking for help to address these errors.

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Calendar shows 1 of 4

The calendar on my Julio site displays a "1 of 4 ... next" footer, and clicking "next" takes my users to calendar?page=1 calendar?page=2, etc. Each of the 4 pages displays a calendar for the same month and year, but events the users create only show up on the last page. The first 3 are empty.

I notice that this does not happen when I create an event on the julio demo site. In that case, the calender has no such footer, and events I create are displayed.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Or have any clues about what I might have done to cause this?

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Is it possible to disable Homepage items like Quick Links, Featured News, or Events?

When i look in the "Blocks" admin page it shows Quick Links as disabled (without a region) and i see nothing listed in the "Triptych" regions.

I checked the documentation but it only shows how to modify it but not how to disable it.

The distribution looks great and I'm considering using it for our website but want to know if these items are customizable first.


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Granting access to the "Feature this Event" button

When I login to Julio as an admin user and click on a calendar event, I see a "Feature this Event" button which allows me to promote this event to the calendar on the front page.

When I login as a user who is just a content creator, that button doesn't appear.

I can see that the button links to something called a "julio_event_feature".

My question is this, how to add access to that button to non admin users?



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Having a devilish time with front page slideshow & galleries

First and foremost, Julio's structure precisely fits my concept of what a practical and useful integration of teaching and learning tools could be! I hope to be well in to the learning curve to implementing this soon.

Organic Groups seems to me to be a problem, however, in using galleries. When attempting to create a new gallery, the following occurs:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in og_field_widget_form() (line 69 of .... profiles\julio\modules\og\includes\og.field.inc).

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Installation Error: Integrity constraint violation: 1062 Duplicate entry " for key 'uri'

During installation during the Adjusting feature set phase a full page of errors comes up that I am not sure how to interpret. When I click continue to the error page the installation continues but then the site does not function - looks like no css files load among other problems. Any idea what is causing this? I've done two clean installs now and the same problem.

Screenshot of error is attached.

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Children Links Not Working

I've setup several basic pages that are children of a parent group: "Our Mission". However, none of the links appear on our homepage. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?

I'm pretty certain I have it all setup correctly:

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Custom Colors Overridden?

First, thanks for Julio–it is amazing!!!

Second, I am having a frustrating problem: I customized my site, including the addition of custom colors on the Watt theme. Everything looked great. Then at some point the colors reverted to the original colors of the Watt theme (despite being accurate in the Watt "settings" page and its respective preview window). I have tried cron, disable theme/re-enabled, but have had no luck. Any idea what could fix this problem?

FYI: The other custom settings in Watt are saved: my custom logo, fonts, etc. Only the custom colors are not saved.

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Block "Visibility settings" section disappears

Hi there,

When I add a block (in admin/structure/block/add), I can access a section called "Visibility settings" which has sections for Pages, Content types, Roles, Users.

If I later edit the block by clicking on the "configure" link on admin/structure/block (or by clicking on "Configure block" on the block itself), the "Visibility settings" section is no longer there.

This is not the case in my standard drupal install so I'm guessing it's a julio-specific configuration.

How can I restore the Visibility settings section when I'm updating a block.



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Undefined index: julio-admin-content-list-block-1

Hi folks,

Is anyone else seeing this?

When I go to the admin dashboard on my sites I see this error:

Notice: Undefined index: julio-admin-content-list-block-1 in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of /usr/local/apache2_php_drupal/htdocs/julio/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module).

But nothing appears to be broken.

As always, I assume that this sort of error is caused by something I've done ;-) but I was surprised to see pretty much the same error message when I use the admin dashboard in the demo software at the http://julio.funnymonkey.com site.

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Slideshow settings

I am new to Julio, and trying to wrap my head around all of this. My head hurts ;-)

I know how to add photos, links and captions to the main page slideshow, but I can not find how to adjust how long each slide is displayed before changing. It is too quick for my needs. Is it easy to change, or does it require programming, etc?


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Custom style sheets

I am currently adding custom style sheet rules to this file:


Is there any problem with this?

In other words, will this file be overwritten when I upgrade to a newer version of Julio?

If so, is there a better place for custom style sheets?



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Appearance link not available in admin panel

Hi, so after a few attempts, I finally got the julio distribution installed, it kept on freezing or crashing during installation? Also after installation! I could only add additional functionality one at a time, otherwise it crashed. So now I have julio installed and go to the admin panel, there is no appearance link in the Admin quick links section. Very annoying. :(

Do I have to reinstall julio again, or is there a quick way of getting this fixed.



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Removing side bar content ("Recent Galleries")

Hi there,

When I create new content of type "Basic page" the new page is always displayed with blocks for "News", "Events" and "Recent Galleries" in the left hand side bar.

I'm trying to understand how I would approach building a page with, say, no "Recent Galleries" section.

I'm new to Drupal but have slowly got my head around some of the powerful ideas in the software, including the use of Contexts, but I can't see where in the flow of things that this particular content is added.

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Need some assistance

Hi guys, so my plan is to setup a website for my condo association. I like the way this distribution looks and is setup that is why I picked it.

I am looking to do the following, and would appreciate some guidance if it's even possible to do what I want to do.

If you look at my site as it is currently setup:

You will see that I have some basic information on it and have been using the calendar, and announcements, etc.

Basically I would like to have a few user accounts that can edit content across the site.

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Could someone please explain the purpose and intended usage of field_julio_email?

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Fatal error while installing JULIO

I tried to install JULIO after extracting files to public_html folder. it went on well till database details. in the next step it has thrown this error msg "
Fatal error: Call to undefined function feature_set_get_featuresets() in /home/gyandish/public_html/profiles/julio/modules/feature_set/feature_set.admin.inc on line 11"

Dont know what to do, can some one pls help me.


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Loging in?

Hi, so this might seem like a really stupid question but when I install the Julio distribution it creates the two accounts. Once installation is finished I am logged in to the day-to-day use account. I am slowly figuring things out but when I try to do anything in the Administration Control Panel that involves users, such as "create user" or "list all" etc., it tries to access an "/admin" folder that just does not exist and I end up getting "404 not found"..

Also, when I logged out, there does not seem to be any way to log back in... at least not clearly obvious...

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