Login block inline styling?

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I'm interested in styling the login block so it fits neatly inline in the preface bar. Was looking for some CSS ideas but couldn't figure this out - it's listed as a feature at TNT:

"Includes styling for inline login block in header and header/footer menus"

So, what is meant by "inline block" styling for a login block in a header menu?

And what is the difference between header and header/footer?


If there is inline styling for the login block, I can't find it.

Sorry, but nothing was happening on the project page issues queue where I posted this earlier, so hence this cross post. Pretty quiet over there...


Header refers to the top of

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Header refers to the top of the page, ie. the header-top region in this case. Footer is the footer region at the bottom of the page. If you put the login block in the header top region, you'll see the inline styling. Also a menu placed in header-top/footer (maybe footer-top, can't recall exactly) will get one line styling.

Sorry for the delay in response -- support requests can take a week or more, especially when we're really focused on the new Fusion theme system right now (which all Acquia themes will use so you can more easily select all these styles for menus, forms, etc. btw) :)

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Thanks, but I'm still

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Thanks, but I'm still confused.

I understand the region jargon, but didn't read this statement carefully enough: "Includes styling for inline login block in header and header/footer menus", meaning styling for inline login blocks in header regions, and styling for inline menus in header and footer regions.

I see no header top region in Acquia Marina, only header first, middle, and last, all of which display the login block fields on top of each other, not inline. I presume by header-top you mean any header region.

It would be great to use the preface region for this and the primary menu as well. Many websites do this. I've seen it done with Acquia Marina, here: http://emmajane.net/node/948

On my site I use the header-middle region for a large banner (using Views-Cycle) and keep header-first for a logo image and don't use header-last. Because of the banner image, I don't want the primary menu tabs to sit on top of it. Seems the preface region is ideal for the primary menu if you don't want tabs.

I think it would be a great addition to this theme to include the styling for the primary menu in the preface bar without tabs, and to allow in-line styling of the login block in the preface bar as well.

Sounds like the "Fusion" version of AM may be the answer and probably worth waiting for, unless it's many months away. Any timeframe on that and will it do what I'm trying to do here?

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