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Hi, so after a few attempts, I finally got the julio distribution installed, it kept on freezing or crashing during installation? Also after installation! I could only add additional functionality one at a time, otherwise it crashed. So now I have julio installed and go to the admin panel, there is no appearance link in the Admin quick links section. Very annoying. :(

Do I have to reinstall julio again, or is there a quick way of getting this fixed.




My 2c worth is that your

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My 2c worth is that your problems may have nothing to do with the Julio distribution itself.

If you've managed to install only after repeated freezes and/or crashes of your server, then that strongly suggests two things:

  1. You have a problem with the environment. Perhaps a faulty hard-drive, perhaps you're running out of memory, or perhaps you have a corrupted system library.

  2. The software may be 'installed' as far as Drupal is concerned, but some files may be incomplete. This may be why you're not getting the appearance link in the Admin quick links section.

It seems the first problem you have to resolve why the installation is crashing. Only then can you realistically start testing Julio.

Do a reinstall and monitor the web servers error log (if you can). That should tell you something about the failures.



Regarding the missing

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Regarding the missing appearance link In julio we have a module that is a fork of the core toolbar module called "julio_toolbar" if you disable that and enable toolbar you will get the expected 'appearance' link as well as all of the other traditional administration links.

Our intent was to simplify the user experience for less technical users we learned a few things with this approach. As a result we have some plans to refactor the current administrative experience within julio. This will involve deprecating julio_toolbar as well as some additional refactoring. Hopefully the end result is a better user experience that doesn't conflict with the core drupal user experience and expectations.

Regarding the crashing Event Horizon is correct in pinpointing server configuration as the culprit. Reviewing server logs for any pertinent details is a great starting point. Based on what you describe and if your server is slow you may need to increase the max execution time and/or memory limit.

Hi Thanks for the quick

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Hi Thanks for the quick replies :)

The reason I thought the problems might be with the julio distribution, is that previous to installing Julio, I installed the default drupal on the same server in a folder called drupal and everything ran smoothly.
I then installed Julio, with its own database in a different folder on the same server, and had a few problems.

thanks simon for your feedback, when I get a chance I will do a reinstall, and see what the apache error logs say, with regards to the max execution time and/or memory limit, does Julio require more resources compared to the normal drupal distribution?

Also with the usual drupal install, I can disable the modules through the dashboard link, but in my instal of julio I only have the one button (Admin Dashboard)

If I append this > #overlay=%3Fq%3Dadmin to the url I can see an administration overlay


View and customize your dashboard.
Find and manage content.
Administer blocks, content types, menus, etc.
Select and configure your themes.
Manage user accounts, roles, and permissions.
Administer settings.
View reports, updates, and errors.

but I don't have the modules option where I can enable or disable Julio_toolbar.

anyways, thanks for the feedback,

Yes Julio does require more

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Yes Julio does require more resources than a standard drupal installation. There are quite a few additional modules above and beyond the standard drupal install. This means there is a larger memory footprint and can sometimes require additional execution time for processes to complete.

With julio there is the toolbar & julio_toolbar confusion that I described above. Ignoring those details, julio also drops you into a second non-uid = 1 user account as part of the install process so you may need to logout and login as the first user account you created during the julio install to complete some more advanced administrative tasks. These details are outside the scope of our intent with Julio and general drupal documentation will likely be much more helpful. To get a user experience closer to stock drupal you will want to disable julio_toolbar and enable toolbar. Like I described above we will be refactoring the julio admin experience to address some of the shortcomings in the current implementation.

so I managed to get in to the

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so I managed to get in to the modules overlay

using this in the url.


and to disable the Julio toolbar, I had to turn off a lot of other modules...

Provides a toolbar. (Fork of core toolbar module)
Requires: Features (enabled), Menu (enabled)
Required by: Core (disabled), Groups (disabled), Administrative Unit (disabled), Core UI (disabled), Groups UI (disabled), Admissions Node (disabled), Announcements (disabled), Clubs (disabled), Clubs Node (disabled), Clubs UI (disabled), Departments (disabled), Departments Node (disabled), Departments UI (disabled), Events (disabled), Events UI (disabled), Gallery (disabled), Gallery UI (disabled), Parents and Guardians Node (disabled), Slideshow (disabled), Homepage Slideshow Node (disabled), Slideshow UI (disabled), Staff (disabled), Teams (disabled), Teams Announcements (disabled), Teams Events (disabled), Teams Events UI (disabled), Teams Node (disabled), Teams UI (disabled)

once I disabled all the above modules first, I could then disable the Julio toolbar and enable toolbar.

this did get the dashboard showing all the links

clicking on dashboard now , i get the following errors:

Notice: Undefined index: julio_admin_content_list-block_1 in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of /htdocs/mobile/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module).
Notice: Undefined index: julio_admin_content_list-block in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of /htdocs/mobile/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module).
Notice: Undefined index: julio_admin_user_list-block in dashboard_page_build() (line 192 of /htdocs/mobile/modules/dashboard/dashboard.module).

so i guess I have to go back and re-enale most of these modules

also in the right panel I only have

Admin Quick Links
Enabled Functionality
Manage Media Library
Site Information

the appearance link is stil missing. Seems a lot of effort just to be able to change a logo and some colour,

maybe my install is just corrupted

thanks for the help

It certainly sounds like

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It certainly sounds like something didn't quite work out right for you.

If all you want is to get to the theme overview page this should be accessible from a stock Julio install. Click "Admin Dashboard" and "Appearance" should be the first link in the top right. If that is not the case then you likely have some serious issues with your install.

If you want to circumvent the julio architecture I would suggest remembering 'admin/index' and just add that on to your site path. That provides an administrative index of all the admin tasks available. Alternatively admin menu is very popular. Both of these solutions are outside the scope of julio though. We wanted to avoid dumping users into the standard drupal administration process as we feel it provides a pretty dismal user experience. What we have currently in Julio is not much better, and as mentioned above we have plans to completely overhaul the julio administrative user experience.

final question before I do a

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final question before I do a reinstall, is it possible to just add the appearance link to the menu myself in the Admin Quick Links menu?

for example Enabled Functionality points to admin/structure/feature-set

is there a path I can use to just remake the link?


The admin quick links menu

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The admin quick links menu can be customized like any standard menu at 'admin/structure/menu/manage/menu-julio-admin-quick-links'


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