Review of Drupal Camp Seoul 2012(Oct 6th) & participation on DevOn conference

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Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 was held on October 6th Saturday 2PM for the first time in Korea.

Drupal Camps in North American or European countries tend to hold sessions, talks by inviting industry and community leaders and for networking opportunities for existing drupallers but we focused on introducing Drupal to people new to drupal or never heard of it.

The event attracted 80 people at a meeting room of National Information Society Agency.
Thanks to Drupal Association's Community Grant program, we were lucky to have video shooting of the event to share on youtube with others who didn't come and also who will get to know about Drupal more in the future.
You can watch videos here.

Noah(nickname) offered to shoot and edit the event with great price and spent so many nights and days for better formatting for video sharing and editing etc. Thanks to him as well!

Drupal Camp Seoul presentation pdf, ppt files can be viewed and downloaded here

Seokwon Yang(nick name ejang-means chief of village) took the initiatives on organizing and seeking place to hold and even getting sponsorship from hosting company.
He presented first session on "Drupal?"
General drupal intro but it was very informative and fun presentation as he had a great sense of humor with knowledge. :)

'Drupal? -Seokwon Yang' session youtube video

Second session was "Drupal 101" presented by Gyuhyon Kim(gyuhyon), CEO of NextAeon which is web and mobile agency developing many sites with Drupal for long time in Korea.

He introduced more details on Drupal along with interesting fact on Drupal meaning and origin etc.

'Drupal 101 - Gyuhyon Kim' session youtube video

Third session was "Drupal installation"
Jongcheol Jang(cooljc) showed how to install Drupal 7 on local evnvironment with LAMP + Drupal 7+ basic setting for site.

Also he introduced some of people in older age starting something new in their lives and hoped and encouraged Drupal camp Seoul attendees to be open-minded and try something new in life and explore drupal as well.

'Drupal installation - Jongchecl Jang' session youtube

Fourth session was "Using Drupal" by Youngcheol Hong(mozodev) who developed and has been on Drupal community for more than 4 years. He introduced popular, essential, recommended modules and explained in depth on terms in Drupal.

Fifth session was by Gyuhyon Kim(gyuhyon) again and he shared his drupal developing and projects experience and challenges with real live sites and backend admin as well. It was very practical and interesting to learn all the possibilities without knowing the code well like programmers.

'Examples of Drupal developing projects in Korea- Gyuhyon Kim' session youtube

Sixth session was by me Jiyoung Yun(HappyJiyoung) about my experience at DrupalCon Munich in August. I presented session with lots of photos I took there and what I learned and experienced and also what's on in drupal community.

DrupalCon Munich experience - Jiyoung Yun
This is Korean slide from Drupal Camp Seoul 2012
YouTube video presenting in Korean

For English speakers
This is my recent DrupalCon Munich experience sharing presentation in Beijing meetup in English
DrupalCon Munich presentation slideshare:

Last session was open talk with major CMS in Korea
"Drupal vs WordPress vs XE vs Joomla"
We invited community member from WordPress and Xpress Engine(the most popular Korean CMS) and Gyuhyon for Drupal, me for Joomla.
We talked about some differences and strength and pros and cons on each CMS and what we think personally.

Open talk session youtube

After the event was over after 4 hours, some of us went for beer and more talk.

More photos on Drupal Camp Seoul 2012

Daum DevOn conference Oct 12th 2012

Soon after Drupal Camp Seoul, there was developer's conference scheduled on Oct 12th and we got the opportunbity to share and introduce Drupal as an open source project to Korea's biggest web/dev conference organized by Daum Communications(Korea's one of the biggest search engine and community supporting company).
Daum offered us free booth and gift items to give to conference participants.
And we(Drupal community) were selected for representing at the conference as open source project communities in Korea.

It was very nice timing to spread Drupal to Korea soon after Drupal Camp Seoul 2012. Also I learned a lot from this event how we could orgnize and prepare better next time.

Introducing Drupal to Korean developers/web enthusiasts on DevOn

Many people came to our booth and showed interest and asked questions and Youngtaek Hong(mozodev) and Jongcheol(cooljc) were sharing their knowledge and passion with attendees. Also Gyuhyon was there and I think ejang did great job getting us to be presented at the Daum devon conference. Thanks to everyone! :)
It was from morning to early evening whole day conference. We talked a lot and was little tired at the end but had lots of fun sharing Drupal love with many people. :)

Also Youngtaek(mozodev) had opportunity to give community lightning talk. His talk in in 25 min timeline in Korean.

Gyuhyon took photos at the conference here.

Thanks to Daum communication giving us free booth and even gifts to visitors to our Drupal booth.

Community lightning talk of mozodev

Three of us cooljc, mozodev, HappyJiyoung stayed till the end took photo for the memory :)

And after our active Drupal events and introducing to Korea, we are going to have first official(laptop/training/sharing tips) meetup on Nov 11th at the meeting room of Next Aeon in Yeonsei University.
WE named it "Drupal Playground" for the meetup. :)

First meetup, we decided to have with 10 people due to space capacity and as it's first meetup...we wanted to have more personal, closer interaction.
Sign up page in Korean

We love drupal and hope many people in Korea will know about Drupal and use it. As Drupal is great and great things to be shared with others. :)

I thank to ejang who lead the Drupal Seoul Camp and got us spot on DevOn and gyuhyon, mozodev and cooljc for participating/sharing/getting active and involved. So much fun to get involved with these nice people about Drupal! :)

Also sincere thank to Miz host for sponsoring at Drupal Camp Seoul 2012 by giving us free hosting space for 6 months.
National Information Society Agency for letting us use their space for free.
Thanks to Noah who did great video shooting and editing with great price!
Thanks to Drupal Association for granting for video shooting and all the support and kind communication.
And so much thanks goes to many many Drupal community members who shared sites, resources, their event organization experience.
Also I thank so much to Ben Wilding from London whom I met at DrupalCon Munich. Sharing his event tips and letting me know about recourses and giving me advice to organize events, especially Drupal Camp in Korea and the pure attitude etc. :)

Drupal Seoul website(Drupal Korea name was taken long time ago and has community site but not so active so to avoid name conflict we call Drupal Seoul even though it is more like Drupal Korea):
Drupal Korean Users Facebook Group:

Thank you for all your kind support! :)



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This is really nice! You are doing a wonderful job promoting Drupal in South Korea! Congratulations! Regards from Latin America!

Thank you!

HappyJiyoung's picture

Thank you for the support and encouragement! :)
Best wishes for Latin America too!

Thank you Drupal information

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Thank you so much and congratulations. Also, we would like to do Drupal Camp in Japan in future, however, we did only meetup now.... Thank you again.


Kazu Hodota

kazu Hodota Gennai3 Corporation email:

Thank you Kazu!

HappyJiyoung's picture

Thank you for the nice words. I hope Japan's drupal camp will go well in the future! :)
We did opposite way. Starting Drupal Camp first then holding regular meetup after!


revagomes's picture

We did the same here in Porto Alegre - Brazil. We started with our first Drupal Camp on Jully 2012 and now we are organizing our first meetup.

The event was a really nice starting point and now we have our local comunity more united than before.

Keep in mind that we are whom will change the world! is powered by Drupal.

Thank you for sharing news.

HappyJiyoung's picture

It's quite late comment on your message. :)
We recently had visiting drupalist sharing his knowledge with local Seoul drupalists. Definately starting the camp and gather energy is making a big impact slowly in Korea.

All the Best for united drupal Brazil community!


Amazing news! Great work,

greggles's picture

Amazing news! Great work, HappyJiyoung!

Thanks for sharing news about the events in Seoul. I've promoted this to the front page of this site as it's definitely news worth sharing.

Thank you! :)

HappyJiyoung's picture

I hope it inspires other community members as I was inspired by Drupal community members I met and interacted!

How is the community spirit

Tom Tran's picture

How is the community spirit in Seoul and how do you manage to keep everybody active? I want to learn about how it goes in Korea, as we are Asians as well and can learn from your experiences. Soon we want to organize a first major DrupalCamp as well.

It's going great!

HappyJiyoung's picture

Hi Tom! :) Sorry for the slow reply on your message.
After the official Drupal Seoul Camp we've been more active and organized with channels to communicate better to one another. Even though it's not big number of people yet but slowly we are spreading and connecting. :)

Last Saturday visiting drupalist shared his knowledge with local drupalists and I updated the after meetup photos even though I didn't attend as I live in Beijing. :)
Here is the photos and review.

More international drupalists will get to know we exist here and welcome meetups and get-togethers.

I hope you will have a successful first Drupal Camp. You are in Vietnam? :)

Happy new year and best wishes!


Great Drupal Camp

lugir's picture

Look at those amazon photos, make every drupaller wants to join one like that.

Great Job! :D


Life is a gift !

Thank you Lugir!

HappyJiyoung's picture

You know I felt stressed out to finish my sites while I didn't know much on drupal...I didn't feel like having space of mind to reply to each message here till now!
Since you shared your knowledge and kindness...I felt so much lighter and destressed and I can finally catch up with nice messages. :)

I really thank you!!


marcrobinsone's picture

On behalf of the Durpal Philippines community: congratulations Drupal Seoul for a successful DrupalCamp event! I looks like everyone really enjoyed the sessions.

This only proves that we (Asian communities) are no longer in the shadow of USA & European Drupal events. Fantastic job!

Thank you Marcky!

HappyJiyoung's picture

Yeah!!! :) Stronger ASIAN drupal community is happening!

Happy new year and best wishes to you and your community in Philippines!!

Great Job

fusionx1's picture

Congratulations Drupal Seoul for a very successful event. Its great to see the drupal communities here in asia are growing day by day, this is a good indication that DrupalCon Asia is coming.

Paul de Paula
Drupal Philippines

Thank you!

HappyJiyoung's picture

Thank you Paul for the message!
DrupalCon Asia~~yeah!!! :)

I'll do my best on sharing and spreading here in Beijing and Seoul. :)
Go Asia!

Best wishes to Philippines community!!

living in Beijing and visiting Seoul ;)


topiclaw's picture

In vietnam we do not think one day we can talk about Drupal in such a big and luxury hall like this !
Haizz ! (^).

I am a drupal user, and that's the resion i am here !

See: cong ty luat | maxitalk and my blog


HappyJiyoung's picture

It's good to see this very positive view on the venue!
Luxury hall! :)) There was no wi-fi available there and we were a bit dissapointed.
But I reminded myself grateful it was to have that nice big luxury hall!

I hope Vietnam will soon have Druap Camp successfully!

Best wishes!



shamio's picture

How many people held on this meeting? I think Drupal should be more known in east Asia.

Doubt is the father of invention... social bookmarking | download converter

more than 80 people

HappyJiyoung's picture

More than 80 people attended.
Although still Korean drupal users are not so many.
I am going to have Hello Drupal and other CMS and web building tool introduction events so more people get to know Drupal at the end.

Just from one person...starting...this kind of meetups...slowly more people will get to know Drupal.
And also sharing knowledges will help the speed! :)


chuckau's picture

Happyjiyoung. Cooljc. Mozodev. I still remember U guys! and happy to know u have continuously made some contribution and major progress on spreading this. Ever since my interests in server side cms tools moved on to more language oriented alternatives, more specifically, Laravel, backbone.js, node.js and such. I hardly have a chance to look at something elses. But anyway keep up the good work!

:) Yes~~haha good to see your comment

HappyJiyoung's picture

Yes! Although still not many active drupalists in Korea yet..we are doing our best. Sharing and spreading!

I am doing my part here in Beijing and find some struggles but it's all going fine! Learning lessons.
I just opened today to share and spread drupal in Beijing better...or the way I can contribute better.
:) See you around!

Happy new year! :)

Next year

EclipseGc's picture

So I know you contacted me about this this year and I just couldn't swing it, but if you'll give me 2-4 months notice for 2013 I really do want to try to make this happen. Please keep me in the loop on future plans.


Sure! :) Thank you for the kind message

HappyJiyoung's picture

Sure! I will keep you updated personally too.
Korea has the fastest internet speed in the world(it was in the national news a few weeks ago haha) and really dynamic place to be.
I always wondered how drupalists will find Korea!
It would be heaven for them to work in Korea in terms of internet situation haha.

Also others things are very interesting, exciting...:)
So much to discover if one is not afraid of trying something new.

Anyway! Looking forward to seeing more drupalists joining 2013 camp in Seoul. I would make some hospitality tour/showing around for visitors from abroad. :))



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Interesting. I've just seen

brks's picture

Interesting. I've just seen this post on Drupal Group homepage. But how come it was published months ago :-)

Drupal group admin put it on the homepage :)

HappyJiyoung's picture

My post got promoted to homepage-one time main first homepage post. :)
To share the news with drupal community more actively, Drupal Group still kept it on the main home page.

No wonder. I would have

brks's picture

No wonder. I would have missed this great report if not promoted to homepage. Congrats!

Looks amazing!

Y-J's picture

So disappointed that I couldn't be there!
will be making my annual Kr trip in Apr. Let me know if anything happens then.
Keep up the great work!


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