Ace editor for Wysiwyg

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If anybody's interested in Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) for Wysiwyg, there's an issue with a patch in the queue. It needs review from someone who knows the internals of Wysiwyg module better than I do. (If it goes through and there's interest, I might write a patch for CodeMirror, too.)


Very nice! Thank you, that's

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Very nice! Thank you, that's something I really miss in Wysiwyg.

As for CodeMirror, someone already started a patch @ (In fact you wrote some parts of it, didn't you?)
I started to extend the patch to be compatible with CM3.0X. Unfortunately I don't know the insights of Wysiwyg too well, so progress is slow.

You're welcome

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You're welcome, @Hopiu. A comment on the issue if the patch works for you (or doesn't!) would be much appreciated it. :)

It would be too much to say that I "wrote some parts" of the CodeMirror patch. I really just took the previously-proposed code and tidied it up and made a usable patch out of it.