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Our research group, the UC Berkeley Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, began building up a Drupal site ( a few years ago to support both scientists in our group and outreach to the general public. We could use some help cleaning up the UI, organizing content and upgrading from Drupal 6 to 7. Ideally you would be located in the SF Bay area and could meet with our group in person, and would be willing to take on this pet project for an extended period of time (not a lot of hours, just be willing to work with us over time). For the ambitious, we have some interesting ideas about using Drupal to share access to our data in real-time, set up some visualizations, etc... For those seeking compensation, we are happy to provide appropriate academic citations and credit on the site and a private tour or two of the UC Berkeley SETI facilities for you and a few friends. For those looking for something fun to talk about at cocktail parties, we offer the opportunity to make a contribution to one of the most profound areas of scientific research humans have ever engaged in. I can be reached at siemion at berkeley dot edu




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As a longtime supporter of the SETI@home project many years ago, it's great to hear the project & its team members are using Drupal. This is very exciting! I just sent you an email showing my interest in your project.

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