Car / accommodation sharing

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Several attendees have mentioned they would like to find cost effective ways to travel to and stay at DrupalCamp North West. We've seen several great properties on AirBnB which could suit.

We will direct people here, use the comments thread to get in touch with people.


Some places to look for accomodation

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There are lots of apartments in the city rented out by the night. I found apartments available on this site for 23-25 November. Maybe people could join forces?

If you cannot find anything in city centre try Chorlton, Didsbury, Premier Inn at Trafford Centre, The Airport - 15 minutes drive from city.

AirBnB had some private rooms in houses when I last look last night. is showing some availability but quite pricey.

If anyone finds any more please report here.



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I ended up going for the Travelodge at Knutsford Tabley - its about 20-25 mins from the venue but was only £30 a night so will have to do.

Possibly got a sofabed to offer in M14

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I may be able to make my sofabed available, either to people I already know from NWDUG or people with well-established profiles here on d.o! Or who can get a recommendation from someone that I follow on twitter (@martin_q).

Sorry to be a bit cagey: this is a shared house so I can't just invite the whole world to come and crash!

You'd need to have your own transport as I intend to cycle to the venue, which is probably about 20mins away from me.

Car Share offer

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I'm going to drive up the M5 to Manchester on Thursday afternoon and will be passing:
- Bridgwater
- Weston-super-mare
- Bristol
- Gloucester
- Worcester
- Birmingham
- Stoke-on-Trent

If you are going to Manchester on Thursday, live near any of the above places and need a lift then let me know.


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