Would using Drupal in a well documented way to simplify data collection and sharing be beneficial to social sciences?

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Drupal's benefit to social sciences

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Though I am still learning drupal, I think with the help of social networking, data collection from targeted audiences can be made simpler. Often times information benefits more than just a target audience so when it comes to sharing info, publishing content to different outlets from one platform makes content management easier.

I mean I vote yes

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I mean I vote yes

Yes as well.

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I agree with your statement. I would suspect that it would allow for an improvement in interdisciplinary research that might otherwise be too burdensome to engage in. It would be nice to hear from someone with experience in the field.


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A yes from my side! Let me explain you in some new answers. Simplified answers in my opinion!

Most of the collaboration tools based on classroom educationn are developed on Drupal. As an open source coding language its easy to develop team/collaboration tools and utilities while using the same techniques and approches that Drupal platform uses.

Also we can use Drupal FOSS to create businesses and enhance communication. Drupal has a great framework and methodology.

Creating new communication features for our communities. Any task accomplishment is easy through Drupal. We can even distinguish Drupal not as another CMS but as a Content Management Framework.

Data collection and sharing is easy using Drupal! IMO! Fast enough, saving time and beneficial to social sciences.

Hope that clarifies a "YES" in a simplest ways.

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