PGN viewers

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What do pgn4web, Ltpgn and PGN Diagram Filter have in common? Well, all of these are coupled to one PGN viewer library, be it pgn4web, LT-PGN-Viewer, or Chess Tempo PGN Viewer.
Drupal equals modularity, so wouldn't it be nicer if all these modules could be made to work with any library selected by a site administrator out of a list of available libraries. Maybe it's time for a project that provides just that service to other modules. I do have some ideas that could materialize within a couple of weeks.



Go for it

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If you are interested and able to do it, go for it.

PGN project

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I'm going to take an approach of freely developing a Drupal 8 PGN entity type and entity type render controller within the newly created PGN project, while creating issues against the existing PGN filter and custom node upload projects, to see if related but project specific stuff can be implemented already over there. Everybody is very much invited to participate in whichever way.

I would be interested in

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I would be interested in improved chess drupal modules in general. We are running a small chess club, and I’m trying to create a great site for the members.

I have just installed pgn4web (and also on test site ltpgn) - pgn4web works okay, but it’s not that easy to fill in a node and frontend it’s always showing start position on the board.

A great module would allow you to:

  • create a node
  • Add title
  • Add your text in a text field
  • Add chessboard (when you press this bottom the pgn shows up, and you can fill in the game - either by moving the pieces on the board or writing it down)
    When the game and the additional info is added you continue to:
  • “Select viewed board” (here you insert move-number and this position will be shown as default on screen)
  • “turn board” (an opportunity to let the board be shown from the black side)
  • …and then save as any other node.

Under configuration it would be nice to be able to set up colors and maybe the kind of pieces on the board.

This would be great main functions in a pgn-module that would allow members in an easy way to show their games to each other on our blog.

In dreamworld – all the entered games would be collected in a database that makes it possible to make a “Members games” page, but…

I’m also looking for a chess tournament module if you’ve heard anything about that…

So keep up the good work… 

pgn4web initial halfmove number (game replay options)

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That's a whole lot of inspiring remarks!
Robrecht Jacques has mentioned implementing pgn4web bbcode attributes. If you create a feature request issue ( I'll try and help to get the "initial halfmove number" filter setting in.


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Hi Eric,
Thanks – I haven’t done anything in here before, but now I have tried to create a feature request as you suggested.
I’m not good at writing code, but as a part of my “real-life” job I develop web-features and test them (as project manager) – just in another cms "Kodus" (It comes out of Xoops and its not open source). So if I can help in any way – testing new features or something like that – just let me know.