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Does Drupal has an established base Code of Conduct for geographical user groups?

It might sound surprising but it would be good to have one for the young community in Vietnam for example, as it's not necessarily understood per default. Maybe something similar to this but more adjusted for Drupal people: http://linux.org.au/draft-linux-australia-code-conduct


I don't think we need a

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I don't think we need a second one. The first one seems good to me.

Greg, which one is it? "The

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Greg, which one is it?
"The first one seems good to me."


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I think Greg was probably talking about this: http://drupal.org/dcoc


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What a bummer, I never looked at it. (shame me)

Will put down the essence of it on a page on the local group site so people here understand what's good what's not.


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