Is is possible to choose display in Views?

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I have be searching around for the hold day, and couldn't find a clue, so would like to see if I could get some help here. Thanks in advanced :)

I have a taxonomy which I have created a display that shows an image field only. This display is not the default one. And then I'm trying to create a content Views, one of the field is this taxonomy, and chose "Rendered taxonomy term", however, there is no options to choose the display? Is this as designed or I'm missing something?

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You are missing something

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Hi ahlofan, I don't know what's going wrong. I don't have the rendered entity-option in there. That one I have in a taxonomy term view, though. Are you certain that your view is the right kind = displaying content nodes and not taxonomy terms? Assuming that your view does display nodes and that one field is taxonomy terms on the current node, it works for me:

you can configure the field and select your custom Display Suite view mode under Format. I just tried it out with Drupal 7, Display Suite 7.x-1.6 and Views 7.x-3.5.

At /admin/structure/ds/extras, Display Suite Extras, Views Displays should be enabled.

At /admin/structure/ds/view_modes/manage/your_custom_view_mode_machine_name Taxonomy terms must be enabled.

I hope, this helps.

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