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This group exists as a place for people interested to talk about Display Suite development or share use cases; all development talk is encouraged here, from people who want to work on Display Suite to people who are interested in the API for their own modules. This is a good place to:

1) ask questions
2) talk about problems
3) propose ideas
4) talk about DS related projects

This group is now unmoderated, and anyone can join at any time. Public posting of ideas is encouraged.

Note: This is a working group. Do not post jobs here, you will lose your posting privileges entirely. Do not post support requests here; they will be deleted.

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Make display suite responsive

Hello everyone,

Just wondering if there is any way to make display suite responsive for Drupal 8?

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Display suite is being ignored when using taxonomy and panels


I having some problems with a site i am setting up for BMS. http://bms.testspot.be/. I am using taxonomy and panels for this page. When i would like to use display suite for styling it is ignored for some reason.

If you go to this page: http://bms.testspot.be/markets/our-markets/automotive, you will see a page with text, underneath a field with 2 images and next to that a couple of logo's.

I have setup some wrappers in display suite around the images (see screenshot 1) but when i go to my source code there is no wrapper tags added (see screenshot 2).

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Display Suite for Bootstrap 3 for IE9

I know that Bootstrap3 isn't compatible with older versions of IE, but I have everything else working with IE9 except menuing and the Display Suite Bootstrap3 layouts.

Any ideas about a good fix for either, but especially the DS layouts? Everything is rendering in one long column with no sidebars (most of the site uses 8-4 ds-bootstrap 3 layout).

I have already implemented the html5 shiv, tried installing boxsizing.htc, and added this to my meta area, right below the head: " ."


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Add duplicate instances of rendered entity reference field to a display?

Hi all! I'm using display suite with a 2-column layout, and my node has an entity reference field (field_journal). I'm already displaying field_journal as a rendered entity in the LH column, but I'd also like to display a different grouping of fields from the linked entity in the RH column.

Is there some way to add the same field to a node display in 2 different places in the layout? Or can anyone help me with a workaround?

Thanks bunches!

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Using Display Suite Search with Taxonomy Terms and Taxonomy Definitions

It seems that I can't use display suite to search values in my taxonomy list. So I thought I would use search api instead. Is there a way to use the display suite search with search api??



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How to create a Display for anonymous users, based on existing display

We have a custom content type with many fields, the display of which is controlled by DS. Now we need a way to present a subset of those fields to be displayed when the user is anonymous. How can that be done? I don't see a way to clone an existing display definition and then edit it down to the desired fields. It would also need permissions set to be the only display available to anonymous.

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How to programmatically place fields in display suite display?

I am using DS 2.6 and I want to place a simple markup programmatically in my custom node edit form. I can get the markup to show up but it shows at the bottom while I want it at the top. I tried setting the #weight for the form item but it seems this does not work for DS controlled views. It works if I don't use DS to control that display.

So, my question is how can I programmatically place my form item in a particular region and order?

This is for Drupal 7.27 (yea I need to do the security upgrades...)

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Use separators between multiple values

Hi all,

I have a field called curators which can refer to multiple users.

When displaying an article, I can nicely access that field with Display Suite, but all its values are bumped up against each other. Person1Person2Person3

What is the best way to format them to read: Person 1, person 2, and person 3 ?

I've made a "view" to do it, but this seems to open up other cans of worms (contextual filters) and I wonder if there isn't a simple way to do it right within Display Suite.

Many thanks!

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Enable view mode for bundle

Is it possible, if multiple view modes are available for particular bundle, to select which view mode will be used?

To be specific, if several view modes are available for the "Page" bundle type, is it possible to select the one that Drupal will use to render a Page?

I think I can do this by using the View module, but am wondering if it is possible to do so without it?


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Display Suite: Administrator only

Hello to all!

I'm new to this group and new to this feature/function.

I am loving the Display Suite and having fun with it.
My current issue that I'm seeing is that another user is able to go in and change what I've done.

How can I avoid this?

I'm at the "administrator" level
... I've created an "admin" role and gave permissions to do certain things, however, I never gave permission to the "Display Suite" function, but yet they are able to see the "Manage Display" tab/link when they "edit" the article, page, book, etc.

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Manage display for User account

I just started using Display Suite and had a quick win with it but see something I don't see how to use.

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Get the rate widget from rate module to show up in content?

I got the problem described here: https://drupal.org/node/1069906

Which is caused by the rate module appending the widget as HTML code rather than exposing it as a field. There are a lot of explanations on how to solve it in the thread but as a Drupal-noob I suspect that I either fail to enter the proper machine name or add the field in the wrong way.

So could someone be kind enough to give me a more idiot proof step by step guide to solve this issue?

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Replace display link with icon

Have anyone managed to replace the outputted text with a custom icon?

For example an email field or a link?

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Access DS search voa link, not a search block

I am using DS search as a default search engine.
I don't want to use a search block to access it, but a link to a search page.
If I use the search url for the node search (/search/node/) , or user search (/search/user), I get a nice, clean search form landing page.
However, if I access /search (when DS search is the default method), I get the notice:
"You must include at least one positive keyword with 3 characters or more."
Which is unwelcome search landing page.
Is there a way to avoid this notice?

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Override html output for a group of related node fields with Display Suite


I am used to other php CMS, but new to Drupal, my first project, so may be it's a beginner question.

I need to display several entity node fields (4 integers) with some text, in one table.

Obviously the template i would like to override, in my particular case, is ds-1col--node-tour-full.tpl.php which is an override of ds-1col.tpl.php.

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"Log in or register to post comments" not showing

Hi did you Guys experienced this? the link "Log in or register to post comments" not showing on a anonymous users? thanks..

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More types for Group by type?

Sorry if this has been asked (and answered) before.

I'm trying to get DS to group my search results by type. I'm using Media and File Entity and Solr indexes images, videos (youtube references) and articles (nodes).

DS groups the search result and manages to group articles and image files as it should. Videos on the other hand fall under the category Other. Ideally, I'd like to specify wrapper and title on the GROUP BY TYPE SETTINGS area on the DS admin for search results.

I guess I'm missing something blatantly obvious somewhere but please, a hint?

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DS search "group by type settings" not ordering by weight.

In DS 'displays >> search' in the 'group by type settings' area, setting the weight of the node-type groups is having no effect on the order of the groups in the search result display. They order by 'group label'. I've experimented with the weights, cleared the cache etc with no luck. Am I missing something?

Using DS 7.24, Weight 7.23, Drupal 7.22, Custom search 7.1.1


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Need help with DS extra field

I need to get profile2 custom field "membertype" displayed on classified ads page. I did the following:

  1. Display Suite ->Extra fields -> Enable extra fields
  2. Added "node|classified|membertype" in the box

The "membertype" does show on the manage display page. But nothing shows on the actual content page. I believe I didn't get the right path or format.

I've searched everywhere but can't find more detailed information on how to get it right. Any help would be great.

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Using view modes to display multiple content types

I have 2 content types

Article: Basic content type with standard text fields
Link: using the title field and URL field to re-write the view output (The purpose for this content type is to link external content that is relevant to the article)

The goal is display the related content (either an article or link) to an existing article using the node reference field.

Here is an image to explain
Only local images are allowed.

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