My struggle with historical dates in multiple calendars

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Hello, I am having so many issues related to date that I thought perhaps just explaining what I'm trying to do might motivate someone to give me advice.

I am building a non-profit site about historical figures who lived between 1st and 8th centuries. Birth dates and death dates have to be entered for each figure in gregorian, persian and islamic calendars.

After spending a lot of time on messing around with the date module, I was told that the module would not be helpful because timestamp goes back to only 1900.

So the other option seems to be to just enter dates into ordinary textfields and forget about ever benefiting from the features offered by a date-aware system.

But I am still holding out hope that perhaps someday the date module or a sub-module is able to recognize historical dates.

My question: Is that a reasonable hope for the near future ? (1 to 3 years is what is "near" to me.)

And if so, could I plan for that by inputting the dates in a format that later could be imported easily into the date module?

If so, please elaborate on what format would be best.

(to at least make sure the dates are entered uniformly into the text fields by the content creators, I am trying to figure out how to enable a datepicker on a content type textfield but that's a whole other story.)


Partial Date

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hey there,

I just saw your post. I recommend you try the Partial Date module.

hope this helps.