Monthly Meetup January 2013?

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Anyone interested in a meetup in January, 2013?

Would be fun to get together in January, consider a monthly meet and greet. See whats going on in Redding.

Hope all are busy with projects and advancing knowledge.



Heya, I'd be very interested

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Heya, I'd be very interested in getting a group going.

Definitive date

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That would be fun. Let me know a definitive date... hopefully I'll be able to make it

How does January 15th 2013?

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How does January 15th 2013? We can define location after we have a date set.

January 15th, Tuesday 6PM?

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Hey Guys, excited to meet you.

That day/date works for me. How is the time?

Several coffee shops in the area, Yak's has great bandwidth. Starbucks not so much.

Eddy =]

OOPS! Spoke to soon...

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Have an event in town that week that I am volunteering at.

The following week is better for me, however even if I'm not there, would be good to get something started.

January Tuesday the 22nd, 6, 7 PM?

Again, apologies for the mixed messages.

Thats fine. The 22nd at 6pm

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Thats fine. The 22nd at 6pm somewhere is fine for me too.

I feel that meetup website will be a great way to keep this more organized. I have an account already so I can set that up, but since you brought the subject up, let me know if you want to take care of it.

I am thinking sometime after

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I am thinking sometime after 5pm , maybe around 5:30pm til when people want to leave.

Location, I am cool with where ever. Yaks' is a nice open area with plenty of room to spare. Can even ask to see if the back room is available for us and schedule to have it used.


Yaks Original?

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Was in Yaks on Bechelli. Never noticed they have a meeting room. Asked about it and the girl working said they have two. You can reserve it for four hours. IIRC, it was $40 for the large room, and $20 for the small room. They small room holds 15 people. Also has a white board. If its free, as on not reserved, then its free to use.

I don't know if there are meeting rooms at the other two locations. Zeropx, is this the location you were thinking of? Bechelli YAKS (530)223.9999 ext.10

Daniel (idaniellau), Bring Chris. Tell him there will be punch and pie. ;-)

Yeah, that is the one.

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Yeah, that is the one. Depending on how many people show up we may want to reserve it, I dont' mind floating the cost for a first time meetup. If there aren't enough people I would suggest we try to get it for free or just meet in the main sitting area.

Yaks on Bechelli it is..

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Sounds good Zeropx,

Tuesday Jan 22nd, 5:30pm
Yaks on Bechelli
3274 Bechelli Lane
(530) 223-9999

Does that work for the majority?

Talked to two people not on the list who should be able to make it.
Excited to talk tech in Redding, yeah!!

Sounds good to me. If the

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Sounds good to me.

If the Majority are up for it, then we can make that happen. And those that can't attend, we will know if we wil l have another one after that.

I just got back into town of Redding, once i get all setup. We can get this more regular

Won't be able to make it

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Hey all, I apologize but I won't be able to make it. I have class that day. Hope you all have fun though.

There is a chance that this

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There is a chance that this could benefit your business class. :D No worries if you can't make it though. We can post updates perhaps on what happened in the meeting to inform those that might of wanted to make it and aren't able to.

Class Time?

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Hi Daniel,

Would you be able to stop by for a few minutes and say hi?
A meet, greet and run is cool. Want to connect with technology
people in Redding. If not, no worries.

As Zeropx said, a regular thing moving forward.

I have setup a meetup group,

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I have setup a meetup group, never done that before, but hoepfulyl we can use this tool to maintain the updates.

We had one that my co-worker hosted for SFDUG monthlies

Sign up and have who ever is going to join please signup and rsvp

The Meetup Name is RAD!

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Thanks for setting this up Eric. And love the name, "RAD", hehe.

My pleasure. I was inspired

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My pleasure. I was inspired by BAD Camp idea. Bay Area Drupal Camp.