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Seattle-Drupal-Meetup needs a new organizer/sponsor | This is for the Weekly meetup, not the monthly meetup

Yueyue Q. asked for someone to take over organizer of the weekly Seattle Drupal Meetup account. It costs $20 per month. She plans to let it lapse if no one steps forward by next Friday.

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Group meeting agenda suggestions

What do people want to talk about at this group if there is a meetup?

Post any suggestions and comments and maybe we can get this thing going again.

I set up a meetup here so please join if interested and we can schedule something :-)

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Meetup tháng 8 đã diễn ra thành công ngày 29/8

Meetup tháng 8 đã diễn ra thành công ngày 29/8 với 2 topic:
- Styleguide Driven Development và
- Kinh nghiệm xậy dựng, vận hành mạng xã hội du lịch bằng Drupal và PMNM

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Orlando Drupal Meetup - June 8th, 2015

As most of the Orlando folks know, our meetups have been "lightly attended" the past few months. In order to pump some new life into the group, some changes are a coming...

First, we just created a new twitter account for the group under @orlandodrupal. Please follow us to keep up with the times.

We also have a multi-admin monitored email address for the group at This address is accessible by myself, Alex McCabe and Ryan Price. Please use it as a backup form of contact, after G.D.O. and our page.

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Greenville Drupal Meetup

Hey all,

I'm thinking of starting a Drupal meetup in Greenville, SC. It would either be the Saturday before Greenville Grok (April 25th) or the day after Grok (May 2nd). I'd do it earlier but the 25th is literally the first Saturday I have free.

Is there any interest? I mean, I can hang out all by my lonesome somewhere and talk Drupal with myself, but I think it'd be more fun with more people.


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How about a hackathon weekend in Goa in March?

Proposing a code sprint in Goa in month of march 15.
Lets spend a weekend coding for D8 while the sun is ablaze in the day and move to the beach as soon as sun starts setting down. The season is ending and there is lot of beer left in the stocks :)

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Would you be interested in attending a Drupal Camp in Doha?

Yes - within the next 3 months
100% (2 votes)
Yes - within the next 6 months
0% (0 votes)
No - I am no longer based in Qatar
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2
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Can we have a meetup in Ahmedabad .......

Dear Friends,

Can we think for community meetup in Ahmedabad ?

As i know there are many people, connected with Drupal so once we meet then we can able to share and learn many new things.

I believe all Drupal lovers will comment on my post and give the positive response.

Guy's Don't thing about the sponsors, first lets understand what is our head count... agree ?

Ghanshyam Singh

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Community meetup Skopje

An idea has floated to have a Drupal community meet-up in Skopje.

Are there any people from Macedonia in this group?

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Workshop Headcount - “Parent/Child Data Modeling with Entities”

We are coordinating having Jay Epstein present a workshop on “Parent/Chile Data Modeling with Entities”, the presentation he gave at Drupal Camp 2014. He presented this topic in Brevard recently and there was a lot of interest and requests for workshops for which he agreed to do.

A date and location are being sought but we need a headcount of interested persons so we can consider options. This will be a full day workshop held in Brevard County.

If you are interested please respond and ask any questions you might have. We will try to get them answered.

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