The State of NodeStream 29/11 2012

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It was a long while ago that I wrote a status update about what is happening with NodeStream, this post attempts to summarize what is going on right now.

Support for panopoly features

We have been working together with the panopoly guys to reduce the dependencies on the excellent features that are part of the panopoly distribution. The latest dev of most of the features that are part of the panopoly distribution are now working nicely inside of a NodeStream installation, and we are planning on including some of the parts, like the wysiwyg and the theme feature in some of the NodeStream products.

Upgrading entity translation

We are currently working on revising the entity translation permission system. It is very important for us that it is possible to have a translation workflow where translators can be responsible for only translating content without having access to edit and add new original content on the site. Work is going on over here.

Development tools

Setting up a NodeStream and Drupal development environments can be hard. Especially when you have to write a lot of boilerplate code, like installation profiles and so on. We are working on a tool called Nosh (NodeStream shell). NodeStream shell contains helper commands for generating code for building projects and installation profiles, and has helper tools for setting up a vagrant project. More details will come on this later, you can check out the code on github.


We have been working on maintaining the distribution, upgrading modules along the way.


update of update?

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New version soon?

  • Panopoly features: "now working nicely" (back on Nov. 29th)

  • Entity translation:
    Posted by plach on January 30, 2013 at 5:05am new

The core issue has been committed on the 8.x branch and the good news is that the approach taken should be fully "backportable".

  • Nosh: ?

Thanks fabsor and NodeOne


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How does NS use Panopoly Features? Will NS be built on Panopoly (as described at the Panopoly project page)?

I really appreciate your desire to get translation right (via entity translation) - how long to backport to D7? (you made a comment at one point that this was a 'blocker')?

Nosh: Where can I find documentation? (I glanced at github but didn't really see much of any detail)

Looking forward to the next release of NS with these enhancements.


pan & ns?

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So with dev Panopoly panoploy_core does not conflict with ns_prod_enterprise or panoploy_core is no longer required?

The correct way to mix is to install the Panoply features on an NS profile rather than the other way around?

Since the compatibility changes deal with Panoply's fewer dependencies, we still can not mix the NS newspaper and enterprise features?


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