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Dear all,
We would like to take the chance to introduce our newest Drupal extension called “Diversity Aware Drupal Extension”. It has been developed in the RENDER project (http://render-project.eu/), which is about providing diverse information to users. We developed a Drupal extension that enables Drupal to provide exactly this information for Drupal articles. Here, an example what is meant by the term “diversity” is the following: consider the user opened an article about a certain topic which talks rather positive about it. The user might be also interested on other view points, such as negative articles about the topic. The extension provides this information and links to other relevant articles in Drupal.

To achieve these goals we use Semantic technologies, such as RDF, the Knowledge Diversity Ontology (KDO) (http://render-project.eu/resources/kdo/) as data representation, OWLIM (http://www.ontotext.com/owlim) stores as data storage and Enrycher service (http://enrycher.ijs.si/) for natural language processing to extract diversity information. Further information can be found in section 3 of RENDER deliverable D4.1.2 (http://render-project.eu/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/D4.1.2.pdf).

We also have a stable beta version which shows the functionality and proof of concept (http://render-project.eu/drupal/node/409). However, please note that we will further improve and develop the extension. Therefore, feedback or bug reports would be very welcome.
Best regards,
Ioan Toma & Simon Hangl


Release on drupal.org?

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Won't this module be released as a project on drupal.org?

It is now released at

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It is now released at drupal.org as a sandbox project:


We are currently applying for full project status.

Find our showcase at:

with diversified data of http://crossingthebaltic.com (thanks to all the authors of this famous blog for approving this content reuse)

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