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How does one change the RDF namespaces from the publishing settings page?

I've been experimenting with the sparql_views module to pull RDF and I've somehow managed to mess up the namespaces, resulting in RDF namespace conflicts. How can I delete the incorrect mappings from the RDF publishing settings page?

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Drupal, REST and XML

I've stumbled across some older, but still very interesting articles by Kurt Cagle regarding combining Drupal and XML technologies:

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GSoC Project : Drupal 8 Schema.org Mapping Tool

Hello everyone,

This is to announce the first release of my Google Summer of Code 2014 Project. You can download the module from https://www.drupal.org/project/rdfui
A screencast, covering all the features of the modules, is also available.

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Export data in RDF

Instead of appending the URLs with .nt or .rdf as in /node/66.nt, I want to provide an explicit link or button so that users can select the export format and click it. Is there any easy way, preferably through UI to do this? This should be associated with all the items of a specific content type.

Apart from nt and rdf/xml formats, how can I enable other formats? I installed RESTful Web Services but couldn't figure out where/how to enable the other formats.

Thanks in advance.

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RDF mapping to multi-valued fields and biblio fields


I am creating an academic website with RDF mappings for the content. I am using Drupal 7, RDF 7.x-2.0-alpha4 and Biblio 7.x-1.0-rc5. I have couple of questions.

1) In the RDF UI Mappings for the content types from biblio module, there is no facility to map the fields already present in the content type. RDF Mappings only show up for the newly created fields. Is there a way to do this for existing fields of biblio content types?

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Módulo RDF por defecto ¿necesario? porque genera código extraño según test Rich Media de Google

Buenas tardes amigos...

Estaba usando el módulo RDF que viene por defecto con Drupal, pero al hacer el test de Rich Media vía http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/richsnippets encuentro demasiados códigos raros como prefLabel (child), Concept, etc, (adjunto captura).

Indagando observé que proviene del campo de tags que es afectado por defecto por el código RDF, cuando desactivo el módulo RDF se borran esos códigos molestos en el test de Rich Media.

Pensaba yo que era la plantilla, pero usé incluso la plantilla por defecto de Drupal y sigo recibiendo el mismo código raro.

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Alternative RDF models for Drupal

RDF support in Drupal has been implemented with this model in mind:
Node = RDF subject
Field = RDF predicate
Field value = RDF object

This is a wonderful solution for most of Drupal content where the content type is ontologically connected to the field by a predicate.

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Recommendation for linking to external RDF data

RDFx allows for fields to be expressed as RDFa. Sometimes RDF concepts exist in other locations, for example DBpedia, and not as part of the local taxonomies. What is the recommended way to link to these external resources? These resources do have persistent URIs, so I guess the simplest thing to do is to make the field into a link. But ideally one would prefer to get a good label to show on the HTML output rather than the link itself. RDF Proxy (http://drupal.org/project/rdfproxy) seems to be doing that but the project appears to be abandoned. Any ideas?

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Diversity Aware Drupal Extension

Dear all,

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Queries through RDF-core

Hi all

Being a Drupal newcomer, I am working on two projects where we would like to consume defined and existing RDF-data in the search query coming out of our library catalogue (using Drupal). Our main aim is to query a RDF-container and then display a result-set of records from our catalogue. The records to be displayed from our catalogue will contain the ID of the "found" RDF-data-element.

RDF-core in Drupal7 seems to do what we want, but I need to give further specifications to several of our partners and I lack the detailed information so far.

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