Wget failing on Drush dl

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I installed Quickstart on the latest version of Ubuntu and I immediately ran into problems when connecting to the internet.

I eventually played around with the network adapter settings in VirtualBox and after changing the adapter to bridged I could connect to the internet.

The problem I'm facing now is that for some reason wget is failing on a DNS lookup when I run drush dl.

I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Ubuntu and networking in general. I have attached a file of the commands I'm running and the output I see hopefully someone can see where I'm going wrong.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Tom,Assuming 12.04LTS,

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Hi Tom,

Assuming 12.04LTS, there is an "Auto Ethernet" option under the network icon (up and down arrows). Try clicking that. It should set up a DHCP connection and should solve your problem, possibly to your satisfaction.

If you want a fixed IP (so you can demo):

  1. Cycle your Mac address in the Manager unless you're certain you've only got one VM.

  2. Network Icon / Edit Connections / Wired :

    check your MAC address matches that in the Manager,
    Available to all users=checked

  3. Network Icon / Edit Connections / IPv4 Settings / Add :

    Address: 192.168.1.nnn
    Gateway: but yours could be anything
    DNS Servers: ditto the above
    Require IPv4 Addressing: Checked

As you may have guessed I'm using a homebrew Quickstart. This is because after really liking the original I decided that I really needed to build my own so that I could get a grip on all this stuff. QS 1.0 gave me the start I needed.

Jeb yes that jeb.

Hey Jeb, Long time no

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Hey Jeb,

Long time no speak!

Thanks for this, I'll have a go and let you know how I get on.

I've been hoping to see you at the Drupal meet ups, you going on Wednesday? It would be good to know how you're getting on.




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Hi Jeb,

Turns out I was using the 32bit version on the 64bit OS. This machine was set up for me and I didn't think to check what version of Ubuntu had been installed.

Proper DOH moment!

Thanks for your help, hope to see you at one of the meetups soon.