How I can add some symbols to remove by pathauto? (Drupal 5)

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My site in russian language and all is well with pathauto exept '«' and '»'.
Thease symbols pass through pathauto and cause problems when link copied from address bar to mail or other program..
For example, gmail does not include it to link..

How I may include thease sybols to list, that removes from address?

I've try to place two string in - in function pathauto_cleanstring():

$output = str_replace('«', '', $output);
$output = str_replace('»', '', $output);

And all is well.. Thease symbols were removed from string. But not only. With them gone symbol "л" from string..
How I can manage this?

Sorry for my english..

Sencerely yours
Alexey Sapozhnikov


I have done it

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I've removed all content from i18n-ascii.txt and inserted there only two my problem symbols.