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I'm in need of advice on Migration & Modules for a move from X-cart to Drupal7.

I have a client who's principal CMS / commerce system is running off x-cart 4.4.1 and I've taken on the task of migrating to something better (having seen x-cart's code, I don't see how I can fail).

Now I could spend some time searching out the right mix of modules / themes to match the required features and 1:1 migration needs but I thought, there must be someone who has done this or similar before who can drop a few hints?

I'm thinking of starting with the Commerce Kickstart distribution and building on that and I have found a company that says for an economical $130 or so they will migrate the database to drupal: http://www.shopping-cart-migration.com/ . Has anyone experience with these people?

Am well into scoping out the build but have come across a couple of other issues:-
* How to do purchases per lb / kg / 100g units where the final product may differ on supply and need to be repriced?
* How to set up complex home delivery zones with boundaries?
* How to set product ownership so merchants can help in order processing and updating their hosted products?

Should I be shifting to Ubercart

All constructive advice accepted greatfully.


Tried shopping-cart-migration.com - It worked for me.

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I used them to migrate 2500 products from an oscommerce to magento site and it worked out well. Even moved all the graphics along with the data.

Also note that commerce kickstart v2 and 1 are very different. v2 looks great, while v1 what basically a shopping cart framework that you build all the functionality yourself. Make sure you use v2 but do expect to do lots of customizations yourself as well.

Good luck.

I suggest taking a look

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I suggest taking a look at/using both of these modules:

Commerce Migrate 



If you have development experience and ready the documentation, they're great tools to work with.