- Facebook connected time banking

You are viewing a wiki page. You are welcome to join the group and then edit it. Be bold! is a new Facebook connected time banking concept that can be used anywhere in the world.

How does it work?

You sign in using Facebook.
When you first sign up your time balance is zero - it's okay for your balance to go below zero, just not below -50 hours.
You can send time to people who have helped you or request time from people you have helped.
Your profile keeps track of your balance and the transactions you have had with others.
The total balance in the system is always zero because if someone receives some time, someone elses time is reduced.
You can easily view and give time to your Facebook friends who have registered on Omnui.
You can gift time to good causes and charities like Greenpop. These good causes can then reward their volunteers with time!


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Omnui has been live for just 2 days (at time of posting this comment). Please check it out - we're looking for early adopters to provide feedback to the concept.