Drupal Hospitality Network and the California Drupal Travelers Program

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Congrats on the new group! Would you consider renaming the group back to "Drupal Hospitality" so that it's easier to find?

In California, we have a fledgeling Drupal Travelers Program that's similar to the mission of this group. Here's our wiki page:


I'm happy to combine forces and share our experiences with the larger community. If anyone has any questions, please post them here. Thanks!


Hospitality is a great

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Hospitality is a great expression, so I think you're mostly right. Hospitality is what I was hoping to encourage here. I looked at the California initiative, and hope you can share the experiences with us so that we can learn from what you've done so far.

As for naming the group, I wouldn't want to cause confusion with Drupal Hospitality modules. I'm inclined to call the group Drupal Hospitality Network, since I'm interested to see if we can set up some sort of "couchsurfing" service/module on a domain to make it easier for drupalists to connect with each other on a personal level when they travel.

What do you think of "Drupal Hospitality Network". Does that name work well for you?

Drupal Hospitality Network

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I like the name, Drupal Hospitality Network! It's very clear and self-descriptive.

Per this site's group naming guidelines, groups shouldn't have "Drupal" in their names but we can still refer to it as the Drupal Hospitality Network (and change the group's main home page to "Drupal Hospitality Network" via OG Panels).

Good point!

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Edit - just named the group "Hospitality Network" for now.

I see the point about not having Drupal in the name, and since Drupal is in the name right now, we'd better do something about that.

"a Drupal Hospitality Network" sounds more like a tagline (where I think the trademark license allows us to use Drupal). Question is, what should we name a travel/hosting network that aims to get Drupalists more connected and bring expertise around in the global community, while not interfering with a trademark in the title ;)

Brainstorming about the name on IRC?
Building something under a codename and then do a naming contest at a major drupal event?
Other ideas..? Or is somebody cooking p a brilliant name already

I think the name is great as

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I think the name is great as it is now. We can always change it if there's a major brainstorm or development at a Drupal event or con.

My understanding of the Drupal trademark policy is that everyone here on groups.drupal.org who's in a regional group or local meetup is automatically granted a license to use the name, "Drupal".

The next big thing, I think, is not about the name but to figure out what to do with this new group!

  • Can the California Drupal Travelers Program be a good example in any way for how to run and grow this group?
  • Shall we create a wiki page for "Drupal Hospitality Network Hosts" who can provide housing for Drupaleros who are traveling through? (I have some experience in that area.)
  • Is there anything we can do for businesses who are interested in touring a local area and hitting multiple meetups?

Digital Nomads

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There was an excellent BoF at DrupalCon Portland 2013 called Digital Nomads. I was jumping between this BoF and others, unfortunately, but I had the opportunity to introduce both the California Drupal Travelers Program and the Hospitality Network to everyone. I'll reach out to the other BoF attendees to see if anyone took meeting minutes.

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