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Greetings to all the new members! Thanks for joining -- for this group to get off the ground, we need to show there's an actual community of Drupal users who use it as a platform for visualization of some form or another. By joining -- and please, invite others you think might be interested! -- you help us toward that goal.

Speaking of goals, I think now might be a good time to start discussing why you've joined, and what you'd like this group to achieve. What do you want from it? Should this group necessarily have goals -- and if so, what should those be?

Thanks! And again -- please invite people who can add to the community!


My personal ambitions for

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My personal ambitions for starting this group revolve around trying to make visualization a valid use case within the Drupal community, and in doing so, hope to create more interest around building software for this purpose with Drupal.

There are already so many great projects that leverage Drupal functionality like Views, and APIs like Data seem to be a step towards visualizing more than just nodes. There are tonnes of terrific up-and-coming projects in this vein that it would probably be beneficial to everyone for us all to compare notes and figure out solid ways to use all this stuff.

That all said, I should declare my interests by mentioning I'm working on a Drupal distribution intended to create decentralized open data repositories somewhat in the style of IBM's ManyEyes experiment -- my ongoing experimentation with Drupal visualization is largely driven by that (Well, and that I'm a data journalist and am always looking for ways to better represent information).

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