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Use VisualN for creating visualizations

Hello, guys! Recently we've launched VisualN project. Basically it's an extendable platform for creating and integrating visualizations following the rule "do once, use anywhere", which means that once a visualization is implemented it can be used for views, files, external resources etc.
We'd be glad to hear from you on that subject, contribution is also very welcome!

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Data Visualization at DrupalCon LA: D3.js BOF

I wrote up the notes from the D3.js BOF. I think that was the only non-mapping DataViz session. They are available via google doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dApzT9HfUZ0VC4RUdvzbwVeD5hcXfPnRmCvy... or PDF (attached)

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