Block "Visibility settings" section disappears

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Hi there,

When I add a block (in admin/structure/block/add), I can access a section called "Visibility settings" which has sections for Pages, Content types, Roles, Users.

If I later edit the block by clicking on the "configure" link on admin/structure/block (or by clicking on "Configure block" on the block itself), the "Visibility settings" section is no longer there.

This is not the case in my standard drupal install so I'm guessing it's a julio-specific configuration.

How can I restore the Visibility settings section when I'm updating a block.




Hi Simon, Julio uses context

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Hi Simon,

Julio uses context for the block visibility options. I would recommend using context to manage your block layout. Julio was not built with the intent of using Drupal core's block visibility settings as we find it woefully inadequate.

Try going to admin/structure/context to get an overview of context. You will need to first enable context_ui for this.


Making a block appear only for authenticated users

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OK, cool.

I already had the context UI enabled and now with your help I have been able to achieve what I wanted to do, (which was making a block only appear if the user was authenticated).


Here's what I did in case it's useful to someone else:

  1. Added a block admin/structure/block
  2. Added a context in admin/structure/context
  3. In that context:
    3.1 I set "Require all conditions"
    3.2 Under Conditions I added a condition for the path so that the block only appears when a user navigates to a certain page/node on the site
    3.3 Under Conditions I also added a User Role and chose "authenticated user"
    3.4 Under Reactions I added the block and selected it to appear in the content section of the page.




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