Image gallery doesn't show up in IE

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I just created a really simple photo album in D6. It shows up very nicely in Firefox and Chrome, but no images in IE. Does anyone have any obvious, easy fixes? (hopefully?)

I used these modules:CCK, Contemplate, FileField, ImageAPI, ImageCache, ImageField, ImageField_Crop, LightBox2

Thanks for your help.



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I figured it out already. Permissions. AAAaarrrggghhhhh!

Sorry to buy ya'll.


Which ones?

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Off the top of my head, I can't think of any permissions that wouldn't (shouldn't) affect all browsers equally. Which permissions are you talking about?


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Sigh.... I get to show my blonde hair more! I was working (signed in) on Firefox and Chrome. Just viewing my work on IE. As soon as I sent my original post I signed out on Chrome and saw it couldn't be viewed there, any longer. Then I realized it was permissions, and I set it so anonymous could view galleries. Had nothing to do with browsers. Sigh....


The Fix

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You might want to check out Juicebox, even the free version offers by far the best flexible responsive image gallery that I've seen. Some of the new beta and alpha implementations of flexslider are also pretty promising. I can help with a demo and/or flexslider if you're interested. Email aaron at if you want a demo or a hand...

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