How to Edit Original Corked Screwer Content.

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Please help me. Maybe I am not techy enough for Drupal, but I just want to set up my site to look exactly like the Corked Screwer, and I don't know how??? I have pics ready to go to replace the ones that came with it, but I just don't understand how it works at all :(

Can anybody help me? my site is

Also, I would like a built in directory on site, not of the site and my articles - but like an add on dbase maybe where I can have a look up and search directory of marinas, boat builders, etc.

Apologies if this has already been covered.


Hi Marliee, I just checked

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Hi Marliee,

I just checked Corked Screwer. It is a free Drupal theme that you could install into a Drupal site. I see that your site is a WordPress site, so there are several steps to do first.

You would need to:
1. set up a Drupal development site (probably on your local computer),
2. migrate your website content to that site,
3. install the theme,
4. determine what else needs to be done,
5. make any necessary updates/revisions, or hire a Drupal developer to help you (with all steps or the last.
6. publish your site to your external hosting provider.

If you are totally new to Drupal and are not a programmer, the process might be too difficult to do yourself.

Best, Marilyn

Hi and thanks. I think I was

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Hi and thanks.
I think I was too impatient yesterday and uninstalled Drupal and installed wordpress. That's the easy part. I had corked screwer running when I posted. I just could not figure out how to put my components into the template I had seen.
I don't understand what possible value there is to a template is it is a complete mystery as to how to input your material to reproduce that result.
Corked Screwer had a main 10*3 (approx) image that scrolled on a 10 second timer and changed to 4-5 different images - that I imagined were illustrating the topics. I saw no facility for me to input my own images into the first scroll bar.

Underneath the main image scroll were three columns with photos to id the topics which can be clicked on and then I can go read the article. This is what I want ------- why is it not remotely obvious how to set that up?

Again, what is the point of the template?

Marilee, web development is

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Marilee, web development is hard and Drupal in particular has a steep learning curve. I've found many things that didn't seem remotely obvious at first, that after a while did just click. I've also played with Wordpress installs, and while there's a learning curve there too it's not quite as steep. The tradeoff for using a less-complex platform is that it's also less flexibile. I'd recommend you read up on the strengths of both platforms, compare them to your specific needs, and make your decision based on what fits best.

Good luck!


I agree, Corked Screwer isn't obvious

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I've been using Drupal to build websites for local businesses for a couple of years. I installed the Corked Screwer theme on a dummy site to see what was up.

There is not an obvious way to update the images for the slider (slide-show). You actually have to go in and edit the page.tpl.php and edit the lines that reference the slider images.

You might take a look at the Marinelli theme. It has a built in slide-show and a region where you can add blocks for your content below it. I don't think it would take much effort to get a similar look, but the ease of adding the slide-show images is substantially better. Under the settings for the theme, there is a field for uploading and labeling the slide-show images. You can also define which page the images should display on. Thus the slide-show on a sub-page can be unique from the home page. Or just a single image displayed on each sub-page with a slide-show on the homepage. This will make it easier to keep the site fresh with new images as you desire.

Also, I would like a built in directory on site, not of the site and my articles - but like an add on dbase maybe where I can have a look up and search directory of marinas, boat builders, etc.

I personally would tend to write a module that handles and displays this information. But, you might consider creating a content type to handle it. Set the content type up to include fields for all of the information you want available e.g. company name, address, url and description. Then use views to display and sort the data to present it to your users. You might have a view that displays just marinas on a page for marinas and have it sortable (or filtered) by state, and then another page where the same type of functionality is created for boat builders.

If you are just starting in Drupal, I echo what has been said, the learning curve can be steep. I believe it is worth it, but if you are short on time, and not a programmer, you may find it too steep. I learned independently starting with Drupal 6, and had the luxury of time so I used on-line tutorials for specific questions and wore out a copy of Pro Drupal Development. I am now using a variety of books to migrate from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7. If it helps, what programming I know is self taught and I'm a bit of an old fart. My generation still used sliderules in high school ;-)

Thanks for the tips!

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Thanks ktmom for the thought to move to marinelli. I know I don't have time to read programming book as moving into busy season in the boating industry. With this advice though I may give Drupal another shot and reinstall it with Marinelli theme and add the pics on the top because I really like that effect. I am trying to avoid looking like a blogger.

Also great advice for the content source on the directory stuff. Once I catch my breath I may give that another shot as that really is my goal.

Thanks again all! ....ugg! all this stuff is a lot of work - koodos to you all who have figured it out!

Corked Screwer customization...

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Agreed, the customization of Corked Screwer (CS) is somewhat primitive, but their approach of having you edit page.tpl.php is not unique. The Danland theme, which I've used on another site, also takes that approach for the slideshow. If you are willing to make a few tweaks, though, Corked Screwer works pretty well. I used it to set up a site for a friend's poultry farm so you can see how it works with other images:

She's just starting out using it, so there's not a lot of content there yet, but I do like some of the things that CS does. It doesn't manage things well on an iPad in portrait mode (fine in landscape, or on an iPhone), and I need to look at the CSS and see what's up. Seems to adjust to screen width pretty well in most other situations.

But yes, it takes some editing of php and css files to make changes. I'm certainly not a Drupal expert, but I do appreciate the flexibility. WordPress is simple, but more limited, IMHO, in what you can do. There's not much you can't do with Drupal, but it's pretty plain out of the box.


Yes, to modify slideshows and

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Yes, to modify slideshows and such you have to modify/hack the page.tpl.php file. Not elegant, but it works.

I'm considering removing that block altogether and replacing it with something like Views Slideshow ( or even Flexslider ( Good luck.

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