Drupal expert for startup brainstorming

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I hope a "discussion" is the right label for this thread... Please correct me if I'm wrong.

I'm looking for an experienced developer to discuss a possible start up project based on Drupal. The idea already exists in the US and I would like to analyse what resources would be needed to replicate a similar system in the German speaking market. The original is based on Drupal so I hope some of the senior developers can give a quick estimation of feasibility. Female developers preferred but men are also welcome!
I'm based in Switzerland, Yverdon, but can travel in Switzerland to meet in person.


Hello ! Would it be a 1-to-1

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Hello !

Would it be a 1-to-1 translation of an existing Drupal website ? Is it a social website ? E-commerce ? What level of details are you willing to give ?

Did you contact the original american website to offer them your assistance in reaching German audiences ?


It's more about social and

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It's more about social and news for women :) I believe women are under represented in the internet and I believe to take an existing US concept could work for Europe and be very interesting for advertisers here. But in any case, I wouldn't be able to set this up on my own.
I have indeed thought of contacting the US site. Did you hear of examples where this worked out? I'm unsure about the risk I'm taking in doing so if it doesn't work out in the end.
I'm happy to be very open over email or phone but not directly in a forum.

business plan

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ok. I have a first draft business plan now. I know it is super hard to get one of you guys up for it but I'll do my best.

What would you like to know? What would be your requirements and main incentive to participate? Will anybody in CH do this for free but co-owning the product for later reward or am I dreaming? If not for free, what is the cost and how much time does it take to build what I need? Can universities in CH be a good address to find talented people with the time and the boldness to take the risk? For whoever is interested, I would love to chat about the opportunity. Now you will laugh and wave aside as I tell you I'm a mom of two and can hardly make it to the evening meetings:)

Before you stop reading...

please consider how many moms out there don't have time to build women focused websites and still how many women browse the web. So you have huge demand on the one side and a lack on the offer side. My idea is to help close it. But I need a Drupal genius.

At least, please tell me what my options and chances are of finding someone.