How can I easily and frequently distribute links to URL's so only selected users can view the link?

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I have a site where I need to frequently send URL links to select users at any given time. These links are to surveys, so essentially the survey link at the time can only be passed to users that fit/screen to the requirement.

At the moment I have a View where I can easily screen the users using exposed filters but cannot work out how to send these users the specific URL link? Additionally, after any given time the URL link will become redundant so I then need to be able to remove the link for their View when this happens (I don't want them to see expired links).

I also have a content type that merely takes the URL for the survey but cannot work out how this fits in with the View described above (or other solution)? I've also looked at VBO and feel this might also be a step toward a solution i.e. filter users, bulk operation send new link to those users, and then after a time delete that link from those users?

It is worth noting I would probably need to send 100's of links in a year to any given users so would need a solution that is not too burdensome and relatively easy to use (I'd prefer not to have to create a different View or similar every time I want to send a new link to some select users).

It's seems quite a simple requirement but just can't quite get my head around the solution.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



1.Create one taxonomy

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1.Create one taxonomy vocabulary called something like "User category" and put "A","B","C"... etc as terms
2. Add the this terms as a cck field in your "url content type" and "user profile as well"
3.While you adding the new url node please select the taxonomy field accordingly.
4. Then create VBO for adding the taxonomy term to the user profile
5.Create a view block and filter with taxonomy id.
use the D7
global $user;
// return that taxonomy from $profile2;

Rakesh James