Custom Colors Overridden?

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First, thanks for Julio–it is amazing!!!

Second, I am having a frustrating problem: I customized my site, including the addition of custom colors on the Watt theme. Everything looked great. Then at some point the colors reverted to the original colors of the Watt theme (despite being accurate in the Watt "settings" page and its respective preview window). I have tried cron, disable theme/re-enabled, but have had no luck. Any idea what could fix this problem?

FYI: The other custom settings in Watt are saved: my custom logo, fonts, etc. Only the custom colors are not saved.

My only clue is an error code on the updates section of the admin site:
Notice: Undefined index: hex in theme_update_report() (line 202 of .../modules/update/

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Also–how do you insert an actual contact form? I've explored the contact form settings pages, but cannot figure out how to insert the actual form on the page. Thanks again!!


I discovered the problem with

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I discovered the problem with custom colors being overridden: By disabling module "Stylizer" (which I enabled on my own).

Still wondering about the contact form.



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