Importing Contacts

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Might one be able to use the Feeds module to import contact information into RedHen? Is there another way?


That's a great approach. The

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That's a great approach. The Migrate module is another.

Lev Tsypin

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any luck?

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did you get feeds to work or need to implement a patch?
can't see how to map to redhen_contact.

This would be huge help.

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According to the RedHen issue queue # 1772702, the feeds module does not currently handle "non-core entities" (see Once Feeds resolves this issue, this issue could be re-opened.

But this issue does provide a patch for uploading the e-mail address for redhen_email.

So given the above comment, is Feeds really an option to load data into RedHen or do we need to use Migrate.

There is another issue ( in the redhen issue queue which states seanberto preference is to utilize Feeds over Migrate, but it was closed as a duplicate.

I'm just start a project where I need to import 23,000 contacts. Has anyone been able to use Feeds to imports contacts? Or do we need to use the Migrate module?

@densolis, in the current

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@densolis, in the current landscape, Migration is the way to go for single, one off imports, E.g., at project launch, and Feeds should be used for ongoing imports. We have near term plans for writing a wrapper classes for Feeds and/or Migration as well. Eventually, we hope to write a custom contact importer more finely tuned to RedHen and general CRM needs. Contributions / input on all of the above are certainly welcome.

Lev Tsypin

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looks like you posted after your April14 comment... so does that mean Migration is no longer the way to go for one-off/first-times? Thanks!

Depends upon your use case(s)....

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RedHen Feeds currently allows for the creation of RedHen contacts and organizations. This month we'll add the ability to create relationships between the two through the Feeds import process.

That said, Feeds has a lot of limitations that would prohibit it from being the right tool for complex imports. So, we'd recommend that developers consider using the Migrate module for anything other than pulling in a simple spreadsheet of contacts or organizations.

Any progress for wrapper class for Migrate

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Has there been any process on writing a class wrapper for contacts, organizations, and relationships?

Working on RedHen Migrate module

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I'm new to RedHen, but keen to use the Migrate module to import contacts and groups from a proprietary CMS/CRM. I have a need to make this happen over the next couple of months, so am fully prepared to work to make it happen, but if anyone else is already working on this would be keen to collaborate.

The results would be contributed back, at least as an example module (some of the input side of my migration would be removed to avoid confusing and irrelevant complexity!).

Is anyone actively working on this?

Working on RedHen Migrate module

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The issue with using the migrate module is not writing the migration code. The issue is there are not migration handlers for the Redhen entities. In order for this to work, we will have to write the wrappers for the different entities in Redhen. This is not a task to be taken lightly.

if you still want to proceed, I can certainly try to help.


Working on RedHen Migrate module

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Thanks Dennis.

It might take a bit of effort to become familiar with what's needed for RedHen, but in principle MigrateDestination handlers are not too complex (

I'm in the process of finding sources of info about the RedHen entities, so any pointers appreciated.

Last, but not least, I've created a sandbox project, so we have started :-)


RedHen Migrate module

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ThinkShout is currently working on a Migrate Civi2RedHen module. Part of that process is working on creating a RedHen Migrate module which would contain the Migrate Destination classes and RedHen fields' Migrate Handlers. We were focusing on the CiviCRM side of things, but have started which will contain those classes and handlers. We would welcome patches and/or thoughts on this project.

While we understand that it could be a bit of an awkward request, we were hoping that you would consider giving up the sandbox namespace of "RedHen Migrate" so that we can use that namespace for the Migration code that we're looking to release for RedHen. This will help us to continue to move the project forward and increase adoption of the RedHen suite of modules.

RedHen Migrate module

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I've very happy to hear that ThinkShout are working on this. I'm sure you are better placed to understand the RedHen interface and this functionality fits properly within the suite of modules you maintain. As you'll see from the thread above I only kicked this off because it looked as though no-one else was doing it.

Do you have a time-scale for when you might have some code available? I'll be happy to test, review and feedback on it.


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Hi Andy,

We should have something up on D.O. soon(ish...). Brandon's the lead on this work, but he's pretty slammed the rest of the month. But we're due for a full team sprint and want to make this happen, ideally, before BADCamp.

Let us know when we can push some code up to that redhen_migrate namespace.


I'm happy to hear to this

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I'm happy to hear to this also. I'm also happy to test, review, document, and provide feed back. Is there any other way I can help?


Sorry I did not get back to you. I'm tied up on a project, but it ends on 9-13-2013.

What is the status of this?

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I would like to migrate 24,000 users associated with 250 groups. So, I am very curious to the status of this projects.

The main issue here is I want to associate the members with the groups as I migrate them. It is my understanding that feeds will not allow me to reference the nid of the migrated groups. Or do you have a way around this.


I wrote new handlers for

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I wrote new handlers for migrating contacts, orgs, emails, etc using the Migrate module. I need to submit a patch for all of it. Currently testing with 700K members. Using this as a basis to tie members/contacts to all other data in the system. It's working well so far but I'm not sure it's ready for public release. Ping me if you need the patches in the short term. I'm planning on submitting them to the issue queue for redhen soon.

That's great to hear John!

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That's great to hear John! I'll look for the patches in the queue and/or ping when you're ready.

Lev Tsypin

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Check out

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Check out for the first patch. It adds a new module called redhen_migrate to the contrib folder.

I'm also working on handlers for Redhen Membership. Not sure where that should go though, since redhen_membership is not packaged with Redhen core. Would adding it in redhen_migrate be ok?

import site users?

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is there a way to bulk import legacy users from an existing D7 into the CRM when RedHen has been added?

This post -

is dated more than two years ago and mentions bulk import tools were in the works...

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Import from contact form or webform?

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I have a site built with the Open Outreach distribution, which includes RedHen. It includes a site-wide contact form. In addition, I want to have a mailing list to send information to my site's followers.

Is there a way to automate moving contact information from a sitewide contact form, or even a form created using the Webform module, directly into RedHen without a lot of copy/paste steps? Or does RedHen have a contact form that does this? I know people can register for a site account and then their information can be linked.

Any help would be greatly appreciated -- thanks!

Campaignion does something

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Campaignion does something very similar. It has webform based "actions" (petition forms, donation forms, …) and imports the data into Redhen. Adapting this to a non-campaignion installation profile will require some coding though.

not at present

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Unfortunately, this isn't presently possible without custom code. I've done this in the past by hooking into the form submission and using the redhen_contact_upsert function to create a contact based on the information provided: it's a relatively simple bit of code.