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RedHen CRM is an open source CRM build natively in Drupal 7.x Check out the project page on to download the code and contribute to development, documentation, and QA via the ticket queue: We also have a series of blog posts that dive deeper into RedHen's features, architecture, and code.

This group has been created to track requirements and document features - as well as to build community around the project.
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Collect Contact and Organization info after purchase

So I have Redhen working well. Imported all of the local Chamber of Commerce members into the system and connected contacts to orgs, etc.

I also now have products for all of the levels of membership. Purchasing a membership actually creates that membership. However, it doesn't go any further.

How do I have it take the customer to a page to enter contact info and organization info, AND connect those right after they purchase? Do I need to grant a role and have specific permissions?

Any help would be appreciated.

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Commerce or Ubercart with RedHen Membership Info?

Can anyone point me to any how-to, tutorial or info on how to get Redhen Membership and Commerce working? Or Ubercart?

I have been using/building Ubercart sites for a bit, but never Commerce. But either way, I need to have RedHen Memberships available for purchase and also events. And I don't have any real clues on how to begin. And info has been quite sparse out there.

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Catalog Style Views of Orgs

I am trying to create a "catalog" style view of organizations. The site is a Chamber of Commerce site and the Orgs are usually business members and the catalog view would be for visitors to the site to use for finding local businesses that are chamber members.

So I have created a taxonomy with terms and sub-terms to categorize those businesses. I'd like to show the parent terms with all of their sub-terms on a page. So:

Banking and Finance
-Financial Planning

Computers & Technology
-Computer Services
-Web Design

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could you help? Error while creating a relation


I'm building a website based on Campaignion (and Redhen), and I'm trying to create a relation when a contact is being created.

for now - just trying to create a relation doesn't work. could you please help? I'm using hook_init just for test purposes, while trying to create a relation.

relation_save is the line which causes the error which I can't figure out:

Fatal error: Class name must be a valid object or a string in /var/www/html/cpn3/includes/ on line 7999

Here's the code.

Thanks a million:

// the name of my module is campsite

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A bit of guidance? Chamber of Commerce with RedHen

Looks like it's been a while since anyone has posted here, so I hope there are enough of you around to help :)

I am looking at RedHen for a site I am now working on for a local Chamber of Commerce. I am having trouble wrapping my head around how to achieve what I need.

They have levels of membership and occasional event that would need to have payment options. And then I would need to present member organizations by category for residents to see.

So the membership levels would be like:
Classic Member
1 to 5 Employees
6 to 10 employees
11 to 24 employees

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Create Contact during Commerce Checkout process


Has anyone developed code to enable the creation of Contacts (Individuals or Organisations) during the commerce checkout process?



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New Free Video Tutorial for Getting Started with RedHen CRM

ThinkShout teamed up with to produce a brand new, free video tutorial, "Introduction to RedHen CRM."

In this introductory video, you'll tour RedHen CRM's features, get a detailed walkthrough of the setup process, and learn how to use some of RedHen CRM's basic tools. This is a great resource for anyone looking for a step-by-step guide on setting up and configuring RedHen CRM.

You can watch the video on ( or YouTube (

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Can access to a "groupified" organization be set to 'by invitation only'?

I'm working on a project where the short-term plans can be met equally well by both Organic Groups and Red Hen (as near as I can tell). However, the long-term plans would almost certainly be easier to implement & manage if we choose Red Hen now.

The one sticking point in persuading those who need to be persuaded to go the Red Hen route is the apparent inability to limit access to groupified organizations to "by invitation only", comparable to OGs Access Control submodule (

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Notes on using RedHen for a membership site

I’ve been doing membership sites for some years in Drupal 6, using a rather messy combination of CCK fields, User Role plus Ubercart Expiry Date to track membership. With the upgrade to Drupal 7 I hunted for a better solution and eventually decided upon the RedHen suite of modules. They provide lightweight CRM functionality, integration with membership and registration systems, and good compatibility with Commerce.

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How to customize contacts fields

My web site is for use locally only. I would like to set up a default for the City and State and do other customization of the Add Contact fields in RedHen. How can I do this?

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Question about Rules with RedHen

I hope I am right to post a request for advice in this group? (I am new to Drupal groups, so rap my knuckes if I am out of order!)

In the RedHen system I have created, I want to make it easy for a member admin to renew the membership of someone. Using a flag which triggers a rule, I can update the expire date of the membership using some php. But is there a better way of doing this, some code which calls the right function to do the update and (importantly) to add the new activity message?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Is there a market for a detailed tutorial/case study of setting up RedHen?

I am rolling out a membership site using RedHen modules. I notice a lack of documentation on RedHen and wondering whether it is worth me writing up a detailed tutorial which might save others like me a lot of time when getting going?

Or am I missing some rich resources?

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Limits of Using RedHen CRM with Views

I'm hoping to receive some help from the community with this RedHen site I'm putting together. If there is a better place or forum for general discussion please let me know.

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RedHen Raiser - "Peer-to-Peer" Fundraising Distro Released

Heya "Drupal For Good" and "Drupal CRM Interested" folks,

I'm happy to announce that ThinkShout has just released RedHen Raiser (, a peer-to-peer fundraising distribution built on top of RedHen CRM and Drupal Commerce. In shipping this solution, we also rolled new releases of RedHen CRM (, RedHen Campaign (|), and the RedHen Donation ( modules.

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Expose Uid in Contact Summary?

Is there a way to expose the Uid of the associated Drupal user on the RedHen contact screen?

We need a unique member id number as part of our membership tracking and i want to use the Uid already generated by the Drupal db.

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Neo4J Connector

I was wondering if anyone had experimented at all with using the Neo4j Connector module to build a graph database as an alternative to Relations. I don't think it has Views or Rules integration yet, but the general approach of a graph database seems much better suited to the relationships in Redhen, particularly for complex installations.

Also, has anyone put together a version of the Invite module for use with groupified Organizations?


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Software Engineer | ThinkShout

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

Software engineers at ThinkShout are responsible for the delivery of world-class open source solutions built with Drupal, PHP, Symfony, Angular, Ember, Ruby, Jekyll, Node.js and anything else that serves our clients, the nonprofit tech community, and is a blast to play (and work) with.


  • TDD, PHP, SQL, JS, SCM, AJAX/AHAH, HTML5, SASS, and CSS (to name a few) are much more than just acronyms to you.
  • One year of experience developing with Drupal.
  • Two years of experience working with other open source frameworks.
  • You get Git.
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How to configure the RedHen modules?

I want to get going with RedHen but find that the handbook page at titled 'How to configure the RedHen modules' is incomplete; well actually not started really:-)

What advice do the group have for RedHen module configuration? Perhaps we can use the posts in this discussion to contribute back to the handbook.

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Redhen taxonomy best practices

Can someone please shed some light, best practices, or war stories on RedHen nomenclature?

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RedHen evaluation - Organizational Role list

I am evaluating Red Hen and looking at numerous aspects of it. One question I have is with relation to the Organizational Role field (as a Select List) under the Organizational Affiliation. The current roles (In the RedHen CRM Pet Shelter demo -- http://localhost:8888/?q=admin/structure/relation/manage/redhen_affiliat...) as set to Admin and Member. However, the big error message says that there is data in the database and the field can't be edited.

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