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Hello all,

This year, we are proposing two sessions for DrupalCon Portland. Please add your comments to our session proposals so that they can get stronger and be selected by the organizing committee!

The first session, "BUILDING VOICE, SMS AND WEB PORTALS WITH VOIP DRUPAL" ( is aimed at intermediate-level Drupal programmers. It will provide a good technical overview of the inner workings of VoIP Drupal and showcase how it can be used in the creation of highly-sophisticated systems integrating voice, SMS and the web.

The second session, "FOSTERING SOCIAL INCLUSION AND CIVIC EMPOWERMENT WITH VOIP DRUPAL" (, is directed at non-profit, government, and education organizations. It will provide a general introduction to the VoIP Drupal framework and discuss case studies in which its being used by small and large groups to raise awareness to local issues, increase social participation, and give voice to those who are usually ignored by the Web and other traditional communication channels.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know!

Looking forward to seeing you in Portland,

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