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Now that Drupal (Acquia) Commons 7.x-3.0 is out I need to look at new hosting. I think I am looking for VPN. I have had a dedicated server, but I don't want the hassle of maintaining the OS and running my own email. I think DC+Aegir is probably too much for most shared hosting environments. Acquia Cloud would be great but is out of my budget. I'm looking for something in the $50/month range. Is anyone using a VPN solution (with a control panel and email) that is set up to accommodate DC+Aegir? I don't need a lot of storage or bandwidth, I just don't want to spend hours and hours fighting PHP limits and other gremlins. If not specific hosting providers are there some platform recommendations I should be asking about to make sure I am not pulling my hair out later. I could share if you are hosting yourself, as long as I could still address the email somehow and would not get bumped sometime down the road.

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