Drupal Sprint Weekend - Szeged, Hungary

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2013-03-09 10:00 Europe/Budapest
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User group meeting

Contribute to the feature development and theming of the distribution for Drupal User Groups!

This code sprint will be the next step in the development of a design and distribution package that all Drupal User Groups regardless of language and location could use.

It all started when we needed a website for the DUG in Szeged (Hungary), as we didn’t have a place where members could find information and materials, where all previous presentations and demo files could be collected and made available. While refining the concept, we came up with the idea of creating a distro for Drupal User Groups that they could immediately use in all cities and languages after changing the logo.
After having the concept finalized and the wireframes ready, we went on with creating the design and organizing a code sprint in Szeged, where 10 members of the local Drupal community spent a few hours working on the features. We finished the basics of the install profile, and a good number of features are in ‘needs review’ status. However, we didn’t have the chance to start theming, so both the features and the theme need some more development.

If you would like to have more insight into the process, visit our session on the topic!

Issue links

How you can contribute

  • test
  • code
  • theme (responsive design)
  • site-building

Knowledge and skills required


  • Drupal 7
  • git
  • drupal.org profile

For coding: beginner level coding skills

For theming: high-level theming skills

For site-building: mid-level site-building skills

About Drupal Sprint Weekend: http://groups.drupal.org/node/277768


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