Languages per country

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We're currently working on a site with a total of 18 languages. These languages are from 8 countries. I need to be able to group the enabled languages per country to display a correct language switcher and to simplify administration.

My idea is to create a module language_country that adds this information to the languages table (through another table). Is there already a module that does this?


What sort of interface do you

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What sort of interface do you have in mind?

You should tread carefully here. Web browsers already tell web servers the desired language for content with every request (the Accept-Language header), so you should use that information first in trying to determine what language of content to send to the visitor (but still let them override it if they're using a misconfigured or public computer or something like that). As an American living in Japan, it annoys the heck out of me when I go to a web site and get served Japanese content when I know English content is available because they've geocoded me to Japan but ignored the more correct information that my browser is sending. If you too strictly associate countries with languages, you run the risk of annoying people in cases like mine.

This has nothing to do with

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This has nothing to do with serving content in the correct language or not. It will just add a country option to the languages screens so that you can, for example, only show the languages from that specific country in the language switcher.