Join us for a live Drupal 8 question & answer session on April 11th 10am EDT !

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2013-04-11 10:00 - 11:00 America/New_York
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Drupal 8 is the first development cycle introducing Drupal core initiatives, which are key focus areas for improving Drupal. Each core initiative is led by an individual or small team, and these initiative leads guide the efforts of other core contributors around their initiative. The initiatives are only a part of all Drupal 8 development, but most of the big Drupal 8 changes have been worked on by these initiative teams. (Read more about the core initiatives.)

Several of the initiative leads participated in a Drupal 8 question & answer session at DrupalCon Sydney and it went very well, so we want to repeat that experience by providing another opportunity to talk with the global Drupal community!

Goals of the session:

  • Share the status, milestones, and next steps for each Drupal 8 initiative.
  • Answer your questions: Want to know what’s going on, or how you can get involved? Now’s your chance to talk with us!

Who will be there?


April 11th, 2013 10:00-11:00 am EDT (1400 UTC)


Via Google Hangout broadcast! (link coming soon)

How do I ask questions?

Send a tweet tagged #D8QA, or join the #drupal-initiativeQA IRC room during the Q&A. (IRC instructions) A moderator will curate the questions.

Who should come to this?

  • Anyone interested in getting a D8 status overview.
  • Developers interested in D8 who want to ask questions.
  • Developers interested in helping finish Drupal 8!
  • Helpers (Devs, Front-end, Theme/Design, UX, Project Mgmt & more!) who want to know how they can help & get involved.

Note that signup is not required, the video will be broadcast and archived. We offer signups as a convenience to get notified.


7 am for us PST folks! An

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7 am for us PST folks! An hour later sure would have helped in participation but glad that it's archived!

Recap link


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Drupal 8 Initiatives

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