Meeting notes #36 & #36.5

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Scrum Notes

3 BIG Issues that got committed this week!

  1. Rename old CSS constants to CSS_AGGREGATE_* and add new CSS weight constants is committed!
  2. JS issues: #1799594: Change notice: Update to jQuery 1.9 version
  3. 1664940: [Policy, patch] Decide on JSHint configuration

Most important places to help

Mobile admin pages

Many of the pages are still not reviewed. A consolidated list of admin pages are at:, review pages that have not been reviewed & add to [Meta] Mobile friendly admin pages

Left col and Right col overlap in Narrow screens

Architect Drupal CSS

A host of issues at: [Meta] Architect our CSS

Toolbar issues

Bunch of Novice Toolbar issues

Issues Need review

#1847314: Reduce the dependency on javascript for the toolbar to display properly
#1805054: Cache localized, access filtered, URL resolved, (and rendered?) menu trees
#1849078: Replace many toolbar icon files with a single CSS sprite image

Thanks yous:
kim.pepper, oresh, edrupal, Pawel, rcaracaus,Carwin,ry5n, echoz,rteijeiro, vijay.cgs, moshe weitzman, Lewis Nyman, Jessebeach, David_Rothstein, Kevin O'Leary, Chris Weber, John Ferris, sidharthap, BWPanda, nod_, YesCT, Gábor Hojtsy, Bojhan, & many more on the mobile issue queues.