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Drupalgap connectivitat amb facebook

Hola a tots,

Tenim creada una APP amb drupalgap i la connectivitat de facebook la tenim funcionat, però demana el usuari i contrasenya, ens interessaria si es pot fer que agafi automàticament les dades de la APP de facebook de android.

Algu cosa sabria com es fa?

Moltes gràcies.

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Jaipur Drupal Users Group (JaiDUG) Meetup

Hello Everyone,

We are scheduling another JaiDUG Meetup and expecting active participation from everyone.

Let's spread some more Drupal love in and around the city. Just like last time we are expecting sessions from everyone.

Below are the details -

Date : 3rd July, 15
Time : 10:00am to 1:00 pm
Place : Reliant Tekk, Sun Tower, SB-158A, 2nd Floor, Gandhi Nagar Turn, Tonk Road, Jaipur



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Technical solution: Alternative homepage for mobile

Hi folks,

On a new site I am building we are using the same theme for mobile and desktop, but for the homepage I want to disable, server-side, some aspects of the homepage when a mobile client appears on our site. The desktop version of the homepage is a very fancy parallax and the mobile version will be function-over-form.

I'm considering using:

And using PHP to enable/disable various aspects of the homepage when it triggers.

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Mobile gestural interface - recommendations?

I'm building a mobile theme for an existing site (D7), starting with Adaptive Theme as my base ('cause I know where everything is in that theme :-)

The piece I'm missing is a good implementation of gestural navigation - particularly swipes. This client has several large forms to be filled out, and I need a way to allow users to swipe through the form tabs. So I guess I need a JS library, perhaps supported by a Drupal module in some way.

It looks like there are several of these things out there - anyone have good or bad experiences with one?

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development | vikretapromo

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 


I need a responsive website which would be used to promote products from retailer to customer

Retailer would add mobile no. and email address of the customer and tag him with his product to further send promotional mails to the customers

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An example iOS app for Drupal 8

Hello Drupal Community,
I and my mentor Jeff Linwood ( ) we are very glad to inform you that GSoC 2014 project - an example iOS application for Drupal 8 has been completed.

As per the requirement we have demonstrated CRUD operation for content entity , login - logout , fetching data from REST export ( for view). Due to file related bug in REST module () we are unable to demonstrate CRUD on file resources. We have used AFNetworking and we have also created same project with NSURLSession API.

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Power To Connect with VoIP Drupal - Beta Launch!!!

The agaric team has launched the BETA version of We are using VoIP Drupal to enable Event Organizers and participants to send and receive messages using a regular phone.

BoF (Birds of a feather) organizers can send text updates to interested people that have signed up, or attendees can call +1 617 648-5578 and enter the extension of the BoF to hear updates, or subscribe to a Bof and receive txt updates.

Come help us test it out by posting your BoF session, or subscribing to one for DrupalCon Austin!

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E-Commerce Developer | Silent Circle, LLC

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

In 2011, former US Navy SEAL Mike Janke approached cryptography legend Phil Zimmermann (internet hall of fame, creator of PGP and ZRTP) and Jon Callas, creator of Apple's Whole Disk Encryption about a potential partnership - working together to create the world’s first private encrypted communications network. The idea was to create a system and build tools to allow people to communicate without fear of interception, to protect the right to privacy and free speech in the Internet age.

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Making responsive at Drupal Dev Days

Drupal Dev Days is an important event in the Drupal calendar. The sponsors and organisers are kind enough to provide the community with a place to sprint for the entire week.

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Mobile Device Lab at Opodz in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles, on April 8, 2014

2014-04-08 19:00 - 21:00 America/Los_Angeles
Event type: 
User group meeting

Our Mobile Device Lab program has been a quiet success here at Droplabs, and after a successful event with Intel earlier this year, we're taking the show on the road with our second Mobile Device Lab meetup of 2014!

This time we're partnering with our friends at the Opodz, a venue of the Downtown Drupal Meetup, and are meeting at 7:00pm on April 8th at their Little Tokyo location at 362 East 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Attendees will have free access to a range of devices for their mobile app and mobile website development and testing.

About Mobile Device Lab

Are you a developer or designer of a mobile website or native app, but don't have access to the tablets, smartphones and other devices you need for cross-device and cross-platform testing and development? Now you do.

This program, developed at Droplabs in Downtown Los Angeles, is designed to accommodate the needs of freelancers, independent contractors, remote workers and and indie developers. All equipment is available to use free of charge.

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