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Power To Connect with VoIP Drupal - Beta Launch!!!

The agaric team has launched the BETA version of We are using VoIP Drupal to enable Event Organizers and participants to send and receive messages using a regular phone.

BoF (Birds of a feather) organizers can send text updates to interested people that have signed up, or attendees can call +1 617 648-5578 and enter the extension of the BoF to hear updates, or subscribe to a Bof and receive txt updates.

Come help us test it out by posting your BoF session, or subscribing to one for DrupalCon Austin!

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Firefox OS and Drupal

Hi all,

A couple of days ago I had lunch with some guys from Mozilla Mexico and we were wondering how will the future of Firefox OS and Drupal will look like together. If I got it right FireFox OS does not have native apps, instead it will have resident app. In few words that means that FireFox OS will run out of the box HTML5 written apps. Please let me know your opinion about how would you think Drupal and FirefoxOS will play together, some thoughts on this topic could be:

1) How far is a Drupal responsive site to become a Firefox OS resident app.

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The fruit of a year's work has been launched. Its mission is to connect musicians with musical instrument professionals.

I am extremely pleased to announce that the new, reborn site has been launched and is fully available to visitors as well as registered users.

Many musical instrument professionals will find to be a valuable marketing resource. As its professional membership grows, I am confident that it will become a "go to" destination for many of the world's musicians.

Visit to experience the site in action.

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Mobile4Social WikiVillage - mobile application based on Drupal

Hello all,
Only local images are allowed.
We are pleased to release another Android application from the hands of
In this case, the owners of were looking for jump into the mobile world, and decided to use our technology as the basis.

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Drupal at Itaipu: Latin America Case Study

This is a case study I presented at Latinoware 2012, one of the top FOSS events in Latin America. This event happens every October at Itaipu's Technology Park, situated inside the Itaipu Dam.

The Itaipu Dam is the world's largest generator of renewable clean energy and is considered to be one of the seven modern Wonders of the World.


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shushu's picture Privatemsg integration - free mobile app for your community

Hello all,
We are happy to release the new project by - an integration between Android app and Drupal Privatemsg module.
Please take a look at the demo video of the application, install it and try it out to see the integration we offer.

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shushu's picture - create free Android application for your Drupal site, including push notification

Hello all,

Following the release of the new Google Cloud Messaging, we were able to release our first example for new approach for Drupal/mobile.

Currently all we offer is a combination of several Drupal modules (Google Cloud Messaging, Rules, Services and views) on the Drupal side, and a basic Android application on the other side.

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Another responsive site from Forum One -

Another responsive Omega-based Drupal 7 mobile site from Forum One ( This one uses JS Maps ( to make the SVG maps & data mobile friendly. Again, another solid example of Drupal on the mobile front.

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kvoelker's picture - responsive Drupal 7

The US Chamber just launched with a responsive theme on Drupal 7. It's a consolidation of three previous sites into a single magazine style web property, all mobile friendly. A great example of Drupal's mobile potential.

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Drupal Camp Deccan 2011 site

Hi all,

Recently we have conducted Drupal Camp Deccan in South India. The site is

We created a responsive theme with base theme as Omega(

And we followed the points mentioned by ETHAN MARCOTTE from his blog about how to create a responsive theme, especially for the images.

Initially we started with Mobile Tools module to switch the theme for mobile, later we started building responsive theme.
Now the site is accessible for most of the devices.

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