How we at Prometsource chose to use redmine to manage 100's of projects and 40+ developers

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I have given this talk at several camps and have been asked to put my slides up in this group

Here is the link to our slideshare:

Here is the session description

As many Drupal development firms continue to evolve and mature, we often run into many management issues involved with the growing pains. One of the biggest of those issues is effective and efficient project management. In this session, we will discuss tools and processes to use throughout the development project and beyond, as well as best practices to help your organization go and stay agile. We will delve into Redmine as an example of a highly flexible, open source project management tool for supporting agile development and support.

We will cover tools in the following categories:

Communication and collaboration
Internal processes
Client reporting
Ticketing and task management for development and support
These tools help us:

Run all operational aspects of a 30+ person Drupal shop
Stay organized and agile
Communicate amongst team members
Remotely manage distributed, virtual teams
Document our work
Track our time
Provide clients with visibility and transparency
The goals of this session are to help attendees understand some of the tools that are out there to improve project management and how to execute on their project more efficiently by using the tools to support agile development.

This session is intended for principals, project managers, and team leaders at Drupal development firms. It is also helpful for client organizations who want to learn about the type of collaboration and visibility they should have with their projects.


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Thanks for sharing


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I've updated the post with a better url

Dev and Support:

Organization wide messaging

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Hello, thanks for the excellent presentation. Redmine surely has great potentials to be used for efficient project management and we are also using it internally for managing our projects. Was wondering if it can be used to send global messages to project members (specific to project teams) or to all project teams via a plugin. A use case of this could be "when the organization is closed for a public holiday".

I believe have found the

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I believe have found the answer to my question here Thank you