Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013 Vancouver

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We are stoked to announce the creation of the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013 Vancouver organizing committee.

Ten people answered the call for interest and met at The Jibe office in downtown Vancouver's Gastown. It is, of course, early times, but here's what we have so far.

The conference will be on a Friday and Saturday in October. Subject to location availability we are planning for October 18th and 19th at a venue in downtown Vancouver.

The location hunt has started! If you have any contacts that can get us a deal at a great spot please contact our venue coordinators.

The 2013 committee co-chairs are Steve Krueger and Brett Burns. Their first act is organizing the formal hand-off from last year's Seattle organizing committee so we can get the finances in place and the keys to the PNWDS website.

More news to come, like sponsorship details, as we start digging into the work of organizing.

It's not too late to get involved at the ground floor! If you're interested in helping out at a committee level please contact Steve or Brett. If you're interested in being a general volunteer, please contact one of our volunteer coordinators.

And finally, here is your Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013 Vancouver organizing committee:

Steve Krueger, The Jibe
Brett Burns, ImageX Media

Website Coordinator:
Catherine Winters

Catherine Winters
Ben Holt, The Jibe

Workshop/Speaker Coordinators
Simon Mok, Appnovation
Dale McGladdery, Agentic

Venue Coordinators:
Phillip Djwa, Agentic
Robin Puga, Affinity Bridge
Alberto Nota, AGLOBALWAY

Volunteer Coordinators
Ben Holt, The Jibe
Af Ali, Appnovation
Simon Mok, Appnovation

Sponsorship Coordinator
Robin Puga, Affinity Bridge

Nick Tchir

Our thanks to Phillip Djwa for chairing the initial kick-off meeting.


Woo hoo! Good luck, y'all.

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Woo hoo! Good luck, y'all. It was fun (and I don't think too stressful for any one individual...) to put it together here in Seattle last year.

See you in Portland in May!


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Hi, I am brand new to Drupal and just started learning it a couple of weeks ago. I know I have a steep learning curve, but have experience with website development and programming so I am a little ahead of the curve to some extent.

My personal schedule is tight, but would love to make it to this conference. Is this going to be in Vancouver BC or in Vancouver Washington? I live near Portland OR and would be excited to hear it will be in WA.

Also, the first comment post here mentioned Portland. What is going on in Portland in May? I assume Portland OR right?


dlt: The PNWDS rotates

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dlt: The PNWDS rotates between Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver, BC. So you'll need to get your passport ready. :-)

Portland has a bunch of Drupal-flavored meetups every month. Viz:

DrupalCon in Portland

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If you are able to attend DrupalCon in Portland this May, I would highly recommend that you attend the BuildAModule training session:

I went to the training session that they did at BADCamp a few months ago, and it was excellent. They present you with a business case, and walk you through building a Drupal site from scratch. I was a total Drupal newbie at the time, and this training was invaluable for me, and I ended up subscribing to their website afterwards. On their website, they cover beginning topics all the way to advanced stuff like writing custom Drupal modules. The guy who does the training, Chris Shattuck, is great. Sign up for their Portland Drupalcon session ASAP, because it will fill up quickly!


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I'm also a fan of the BuildAModule online courses and agree that Chris has a good product. One of the most important features for me is the transcript that accompanies each video (I have a hearing impairment). No personal experiences with the training sessions at the conferences, but have heard good things.

Hey Dennis, This one is going

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Hey Dennis,

This one is going to be in Vancouver BC. Lots of folks from Portland make the trip up for it though, so consider coming! I did when I lived in PDX and was extremely glad to have done so. These tend to be the perfect sized conferences, IMO, with more people than a regular user group meet up but not as massive and overwhelming as the big annual conferences.

Portland, Oregon is hosting DrupalCon this spring. It is the biggest Drupal meeting in North America of the year. It is well worth coming to, both for the technical stuff that you'll learn and for the awesome community. It is overwhelming though, with a lot more information that you can possibly take in in a few days. Still, I wouldn't miss it.

Also, the Portland Drupal User Group is worth checking out. They meet a few times a month, sometimes for a formal meetup with a technical presentation and other times just for beers and chance to talk to other Drupal folks. Lots of good people there who are happy to help a new Drupaller come up to speed.

Best of luck! Hope to see you around.



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Thanks everyone for popping in. I will sign up for the DupalCon in Portland for sure. I'll be keeping my eyes and ears open for the VanBC conference.

Edit: I just checked out ticket pricing for DrupalCon. Ouch! I am not sure if I am going to be able to make it. I have a ton of monetary outlays coming in the next couple of months. i.e. Music equipment, software, marriage rings, plans, etc. This might be the year I have to let slide.


A few things to keep in

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A few things to keep in mind:

  • DrupalCon North America changes location each year (last year was in Denver, the year before was Chicago). It's great if you like to travel, but monetarily, this year will be the least expensive, since you live here.
  • If you like to travel, there's also DrupalCon Europe, which is being held in Prague this September. Prague is beautiful and could make a good honeymoon! ;)
  • The price, while not insignificant, is really cheap compared to most software/web conferences. OSCon, the annual open source conference held here in Portland, is $600 for a 1 day pass or $1800 for the week.

I would reiterate what Jason

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I would reiterate what Jason said. As a Drupal noob in 2009, attending my first DrupalCon 2009 in DC was invaluable! It certainly lessened that curve and met so many people willing to help.

I would beg, borrow, or steal to go :-)


Thank you all

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I am so glad to see this tradition continuing for another year!
The last Summit in Vancouver was a great experience, and I am sure this one will be even better.

Partner - Number 10 Web company (

Thanks so much organizers.

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Thanks so much organizers. PNWDS is consistently my favorite Drupal event.


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no yet?



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