Site Seo Problems - Thinking Maybe Move to Wordpress

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I have launched a site that is now 9 months old , I had alot of problems that I fixed in the beginning , but even though my links are imo good and content is pretty good aswell the site doesnt seem to be getting any search engine traction.

3-4 Articles rank ok but I have a similar site in the niche with the same amount of articles that gets around 2k visitors a day. Can someone check out the site and see wtf is drawing it back.

Site is


Quick automated SEO Report

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Hi africanos23,

I didn't check in detail the website's SEO indicators, but after quickly running one of the many automated SEO reports out there, I thought this might already be of interest to you: Review of on Woorank scores 59.2%.

It seems there would already be quite a few aspects that wouldn't necessarily be difficult to fix and potentially further improve site's SEO (for example, extending domain name's registration to 5 years, adding specific blog pages, working on back-links, etc...), without necessarily having to dig yet in Drupal's structure (HTML optimization or any specific SEO modules).

I hope this could already give you some initial hints of the areas that could potentially be further optimized.
We would surely be glad to hear your feedback, comments or results of initial rounds of optimizations.

i think many problems in

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i think many problems in drupal is from robots.txt - you need block some urls to not have duplicate content on the site.