Distributions Sprints & BoFs at DrupalCon Portland!

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2013-05-20 11:00 - 2013-05-24 18:00 America/Los_Angeles

Join us for some distribution sprinting and birds of a feather sessions at DrupalCon Portland!


Maintainers for Commons & COD will be hosting the following BoFs on Tuesday, May 21:
- COD: 2-3pm
- Commons: 3:15-4:15pm.

Locations TBD and will be announced as a comment on this thread.

Distributions Sprint:

We'll have maintainers of Commons and COD, and hopefully other distributions as well!

The general focus of the sprint will be bug fixing and feature development, but less technical folks are welcome to attend and can help by testing upcoming new features for Commons - Think of it as a special sneak preview of Commons 3.2 ;).

If you're planning to attend, please sign up to this event and leave a comment saying what you plan to work on!

If you'd like to sprint remotely, sign up here and join us on IRC in #drupal-commons and #drupal-cod channels on Freenode.

Note: The conference official sprint day is Friday, but maintainers from Commons/COD are planning to sprint Monday-Friday, with the occasional break for a session or BoF.


Commons & Migration

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I'll be there for at least the Commons sprint, focusing on migration code.

I'll be there! it'll be a

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I'll be there! it'll be a good week for COD and Commons!

I am hoping to sprint through

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I am hoping to sprint through a prototype for the next AVL camp site so will be a good time to helps squash some bugs

Matthew Connerton | matthew@aspiringweb.com
Aspiring Web a design & development agency

BoF Times Today

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COD BoF 2pm-3pm
Commons BoF: 3:15pm-4:15pm

Both are in room A109. We hope to see you there!

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