VoIP Drupal at DrupalCon Portland 2013

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Hello all,

Are you going to Drupal Con Portland next week? If so, let's get together to learn more about the latest and greatest features of the VoIP Drupal platform and brainstorm about the cool web, SMS and voice applications we can build with it!

We are currently planning two Birds-of-a-Feather (BoF) sessions for the conference. One session to provide a general introduction to VoIP Drupal and its applications, and a more hands-on session to dive into the technical implementation of VoIP Drupal systems. The exact date and location of those sessions will be available at the BoF bulletim board at DrupalCon itself.

We are all excited to learn more about your ideas!

Looking forward to meeting you in Portland,

Leo (and the rest of the VoIP Drupal team)


Any rough idea of when the BOF...

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might happen? Day? Date? Lots going on so if it's possible to plan ahead a bit it would help. I know that there is a COD BOF on Tuesday from 2-3 that I will be attending, and hopefully a lot of other people will be attending. I'm really interested in VOIP and even looking at how it could be integrated into COD as well. So if possible another time would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Tentative dates for the VoIP Drupal BOF

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(edited version. please note times updated below!)

Per dboeger's request, we'll tentatively set a VoIP Drupal BOF for Wednesday 2:15-3:15pm. We might organize a second VoIP Drupal BOF on Thursday at 1pm, but that will depend on how things go on the first BoF.

If you are planning to attend our BoFs, please leave a comment here. It will be great to meet the VoIP Drupal community!

I will be there :)

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I will be there :)

Updated time and location for VoIP Drupal BoFs!

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Hello all,

We've just got the times and location for the VoIP Drupal BoFs!

The main VoIP Drupal BOF is going to happen on Wednesday (5/21) at 2:15pm in room B111.

We will also host a more hands-on, technical Q&A session on Thursday (5/22) at 1pm in room A103.

Looking forward to meeting you there!


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  • Thanks to everyone who attended today's BoF session at the DrupalCon Portland 2013!

Here's the URL to the slides:


Let me know if you have any questions, ok?