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The bootstrap theme just released 2.0 which is apparently the first stable release that is considered production ready. Check it out at Testing and feedback is greatly appreciated. Cheers Kevin


Kevin, Million thanks for

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Million thanks for making this happen. I am a huge fan of Bootstrap and I used this theme and created 3 different sites at UN but I couldn't buy-in with other clients because it was in Beta and they wanted to go with only production ready themes. If you are looking for a co-maintainer, I will try either contributing myself or provide a resource who can volunteer few hrs/week.

I see bunch of Bootstrap themes here, its high time to consolidate and make this as a powerful theme.

Thanks again.
Mahesh Nattanmai
Drupal Practice Lead
SDG - Your Drupal Partner

Hi Nahesh, Thanks for your

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Hi Nahesh,

Thanks for your reply. Actually, Marc Carver is the guy want to connect with. He is spearheading the project for consolidating the bootstrap themes. He would surely appreciate any help you can provide. Be sure to drop into IRC chat #drupal-bootstrap. Cheers kevin

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