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New module - Azexo Composer Drupal drag and drop page/block builder for Bootstrap themes (paid)

It similar to Panels but it focused on rich content: layout, CSS and third party JS libraries.
Inspired by famous Visual Composer for WordPress.
Integrated front end content slider visual builder
Integrated front end form visual builder
Every element can be animated via CSS3 engine (on appear, on hover, on click)
Every element can be animated via JS scroll animations engine (with easy to understand visual builder + parallax wizard to make parallax effect by few clicks)
Every element have base CSS settings editor
and many more ...

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Drupal Job in Sacramento | Delta Stewardship Council

Employment type: 
Full time
Not allowed

I am recruiting for a Drupal developer who would like to work for the State of California Delta Stewardship Council located in Sacramento. We are looking for an individual who will work as a team player, is self-motivated, and share a willingness to explore new challenges. The job will involve being a Webmaster and work with another staff member to develop, design, implement and test our website for on-going enhancements to our website, Final Posting Date: Until Filled.

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WWE summerslam 2014

[SPAM removed]

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Front End and Back End Developers | Drupal Development Agency

Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Small company who works mainly with media-based nonprofits in United States looking for part-time contractors. Very flexible hours and opportunity to do contracts by task or commit to a set number of hours per week.

We are looking for both front end developers and custom module developers (or you can have both skillsets as a bonus and have more work available to you).

Please do not reply unless you are an individual contractor based out of the United States.

- Expert CSS and HTML skills with experience building modern responsive sites.

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Cool new modules - Bootstrap Theme Shortcodes

Extending the Shortcode module to include Twitter Bootstrap specific functionality....

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Bootstrap as a library

I always encourage my people to do things the Drupal Way. Even if it is tougher at the beginning, usually pays at the end.

When we started working with Bootstrap we look the "Drupal" way to load the Bootstrap files, what means library style. The surprise was that at the end you need to save the files inside the theme.

A few time later we had the chance to load the files via CDN, but with Bootstrap 3 and the anoying IE8 compatibility we were obligated to install the Bootstap files locally again.

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Carousel inside Bootstrap Modal

As a sub-module of the Twitter Bootstrap Modal module just published Twitter Bootstrap Modal Carousel, that convert any image gallery into a Bootstrap Carousel of images inside a Bootstrap Modal.

Just need to add any jQuery selector into a list triggers and configure in which pages you want the functionality to load.

Basic personalization of the carousel is done on the administrative interface.

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Blocks in Bootstrap Modals

As a sub-module of the Twitter Bootstrap Modal module just published Twitter Bootstrap Modal Block, that convert any block in a button to trigger the block a Bootstrap modal.

Just need to add block id or any jQuery selector into a list triggers and module does the rest.

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Beautiful new Bootstrap theme


A great new theme by the awesome folks at morethanjusthemes... it does not use a base theme so it is very lightweight and the code looks great. I will be incorporating this theme into my soon to be released Drupalstrap (Bootstrap 3 + Panels Everywhere) distro... stay tuned! For now, you can get it at

Thanks to the contributors at morethanjusthemes for thier hard work and this great Bootstrap theme for Drupal!

Cheers Kevin

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Bootstrap Panels UI


you might want to check this out.

A collection of mostly panels style plugins and other panels integrations for Bootstrap.

For views plugins, check out Views Bootstrap.
For panels layouts, check out Panels Bootstrap Layouts Builder, Bootstrap Layouts or Radix Layouts.
There will be a 2.x and a 3.x branch, each reflecting compatibility with Bootstrap 2 and 3 respectively.

These style plugins can be used with the Bootstrap theme, Radix, Kalatheme and other drupal themes that implement twitter bootstrap.

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Panels Bootstrap Styles


New module alert...

This is a panels style plugin module for the Bootstrap 3 css framework.

It allows you to assign bootstrap styles to the panes and/or regions within your page.

Currently Supported styles:

Alert (Pane only)

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From el7cosmos's sandbox (

A custom select / multiselect for @twitter bootstrap using button dropdown, designed to behave like regular Bootstrap selects.


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Views Boostrap

This is a great module... it has recently been updated to include tabs. My experience with this module has been great. give it a try and many thanks mrded for creating this module.

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Drupal 7 and bootstrap 3 theming the login form

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which bootstrap version are you using?

version 2
37% (11 votes)
version 3
63% (19 votes)
Total votes: 30
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Twitter Bootstrap Modal

After long weeks of work, just published a dev version of my twitter bootstrap modal module:

The modal loads any Drupal URL link signed by a specific class inside a Drupal Modal.

It only takes the content part of the URL, without loading any extra region. It has also an option to personalize the output via a view mode for nodes.

So far it is working OK on production sites, loading content, forms and scripts, but has not been tested over complex environments as views involving ajax for an example.

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Creador de Themes / Templates con Drupal | E-nevia

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

Buscamos un desarrollador/maquetador, con experiencia en Drupal.
Alguien capaz de pasar todos nuestros templates html a Drupal de manera ordenada/efectiva/ en tiempo y forma.

La modalidad de frabajo es freelance.
Actualmente trabajamos de esta forma con programadores de diferentes países de latinoamerica.

Buscamos una persona responsable que pueda llevar a cabo el desarrollo de principio a fin de un theme o template en drupal.
Actualmente tenemos todos los trabajos armados con bootstrap 2.3. Es lo que usamos para todos los proyectos.

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Who is going for Drupal Camp Connecticut?

Drupal camp Connecticut - 2013

Drupal Camp Keynote by Mike Anello
Co-founder and President of DrupalEasy

Awesome sessions

9yrs old kid is fundraising for Aaron Winborn by selling Origami's at the camp, so please keep some bills with you.

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Bootstrap Grunt

Bootstrap grunt is a subtheme to the drupal bootstrap project and putting grunt and bower into use.

The idea behind this sub-theme to ease package management for theme developers and
give them the control to choose which processor port of twitter bootstrap
they would want to use.

Check it out at

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